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580: The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy with Robert P. Jones

Data indicates that white supremacy is growing in popularity, and according to FBI statistics hate crimes have spiked by 35 percent in recent years. Why can’t America shake itself free from white supremacy? The president and founder of Public Religion Research Institute, Robert P. Jones, is back to discuss his new book about the real roots of white supremacy in the 15th century Doctrine of Discovery. Also this week, why are religious Republican primary candidates losing so badly to Donald Trump? Holy Post Pundit and sociologist, Ryan Burge, says despite 30 years of conservative political activism liberals have clearly won the culture war. So why are so many evangelicals still fighting it? And, research finds robot preachers stink, and Phil is confused about professional corn hole players.

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Getting Schooled - Conspiracy Theories

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29:09 - Liberals Have Won the Culture War

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Robert Jones

54:08 - The 1619 Project

1:04:51 - The Doctrine of Discovery Manifest Destiny

1:13:53 - The modern ramifications

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Quadruple Amputee Given 3% of Survival as Baby Defies Odds, Becomes Pro Sportsman

Robot preachers get less respect, fewer donations

Liberals have won the Culture War

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The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy: and the Path to a Shared American Future by Robert Jones

White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity by Robert Jones

Holy Post Episode 475 with Robert Jones

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Smiley (Stage name)
Smiley (Stage name)
2023년 9월 05일

When is Sydney Vischer gonna release another album :'(


So, as a medieval historian, I was disappointed by the interview with Robert Jones on the Doctrine of Discovery. I'm not sure if the issues are just because of how they skimmed over material in the interview or if it's actually in his book. if we take the very long view, back to the pagan Roman Empire and other ancient peoples, "right of conquest" was universally assumed. The Romans held that the gods had granted them sovereignty over the whole world so that anyone who defied them was a rebel, not an independent sovereign. With Constantine's conversion, that ideology of universal sovereignty (which thus justified conquering anyone, plundering and enslaving them) was easily transferred to the Christian God. Around…

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Thanks for allowing comments at length! I can't even with X/Twitter.


Re: Christian’s comment that younger vets don’t seek community- it’s quite the opposite. We just don’t fit in to the VFW scene- the smoky bars and beer nights just do not appeal to a lot of us. Instead you’ll find us still serving in the reserves or in more active service organizations like Team Rubicon.


I'm glad that attention is being brought to the Doctrine of Discovery as it's such a foundational part of our country's founding and is still part of our legal system as there are legal precedents still used today that are based on that Doctrine. To learn more about how it has affected our legal system, I would recommend the book " In the Courts of the Conquerer: The Ten Worst Indian Law Cases ever Decided" by Walter Echo-Hawk.

Native Americans know about the Doctrine of Discovery because it still affects them today. It was used to justify land theft, broken treaties and genocide, including cultural genocide in the form of church run boarding schools where children were taken from their…

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I wish it had! I've started reading a biography by Marylin Whiteley about Isabel Crawford, a single, mostly deaf woman who was a Baptist missionary to the Kiowa in the late 1800s who became an advocate for them. She ran into conflict with her denomination when she allowed a native convert to administer communion when it was only permitted to be administered by a white man. Unfortunately, her attitude and approach were the exception rather than the rule.


2023년 8월 30일

If you are interested in learning more about the Doctrine of Discovery I highly recommend Mark Charles' Unsettling Truths. Much of what Robert Jones discussed Charles covers in his book. As a result, I am interested in reading Jones' book to see the differences and similarities between the two. As usual, great interview!

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And there was a BRILLIANT conversation between Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah in two parts: and

"You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Unsettle You"

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