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About Us

Holy Post Media is dedicated to producing smart and entertaining content that helps people think Christianly and live faithfully in our increasingly post-Christian culture. 


Launched in 2012 by Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales) and Skye Jethani (award-winning author and speaker), “The Holy Post Podcast” was just an outlet for two friends to discuss current events through the lens of their shared faith. We soon discovered an eager audience for our blend of humor, insight, and nuanced analysis. By helping a generation navigate and engage the complicated world of pop culture, theology, politics, and social issues, The Holy Post has grown to become one of the most popular Christian podcasts in the country.


In recent years, Holy Post Media has expanded to become much more than a podcast! We have created deep-dive explainer videos featuring Phil, Skye, or Kaitlyn with millions of views. They use a combination of humor, wit, and extensive research to tackle controversial issues like racism, abortion, partisanship, and history.

There are also monthly “French Friday” episodes with New York Times columnist David French that explore the intersection of politics, law, and faith. And we produce special podcast mini-series like “Jesus and John Wayne” with historian Kristin Kobes Du Mez, and “What in the World” featuring interviews with global Christian leaders.


But wait. There’s more! For our Patreon subscribers, we have shows like “Getting Schooled with Kaitlyn Schiess,” and bonus interviews with leading Christian authors, theologians, and artists. This exclusive content allows members of the Holy Post community to go deeper into theological, social, and historical topics, and absorb even more wisdom from our incredible guests.


What started as a hobby podcast between friends has become a diverse media resource and refuge to those looking to untangle their faith from fear, dogmatism, and partisan politics while continuing to participate in the redemptive work of Jesus in our culture. 

Our Values

LIFE WITH GOD: a positive vision of life with God in a post-Christian culture


THINKY & FUNNY: by using humor and intelligence grounded in orthodoxy, never fear or anger


FOR THE COMMON GOOD: but not dogmatic, committed to the common good and not the culture war


ACCESSIBLE SCHOLARSHIP: to educate our audience about the evangelical history and theological constructs of the church 


TIMELY: To equip and inform our audience of the church’s current context


RESOURCING: to create a funnel of educational and engaging content that draws our audience into cultural commentary 


REFORMING: to changing the conversation around evangelical Christianity 


HOSPITABLE: to find a productive place for their disillusionment and continually engage with their faith in a healthy, constructive way in a time of cultural upheaval

PRAXIS: to encourage our audience to participate in the redemptive work of Jesus in their everyday lives. 



Skye Jethani is an award-winning author and speaker. Raised in a religiously and ethnically diverse family, his curiosity about faith led him to study Comparative Religion at a state university before entering seminary and local pastoral ministry. A hunger for learning and writing eventually led him to numerous editorial and executive roles at Christianity Today, including Executive Editor of Leadership Journal and Senior Producer of This Is Our City, a multi-year, multi-city project telling the stories of Christians working for the flourishing of their communities. Skye has authored eleven books and writes WITH GOD DAILY, a daily digital devotional for people who hate devotionals. He speaks regularly throughout the U.S. and internationally to gatherings as diverse as the U.S. Naval Academy, the Chautauqua Institution, and the Q Culture Summit. He has been featured  in The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Relevant, and Religion News Service.

Skye and his wife, Amanda, have been friends since high school and currently live in Wheaton, Illinois, with their three children. 

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Phil Vischer made his first animated film when he was nine years old and by age fourteen was convinced he would be a filmmaker when he grew up. After a brief stint in Bible College, Phil struck out on his own, looking for a way to integrate his faith with his filmmaking.  This quest led him to a tomato and a cucumber.  The year was 1991, and Phil was a newly married 25 year-old with no financial backing and no idea how his vegetables would ever see the light of day.  Today, more than 65 million VeggieTales videos have been purchased and Phil’s faith-filled stories can be found in 1/3 of all American homes with young children.  Although Phil’s original company, Big Idea Productions, collapsed in bankruptcy in 2003, Phil continues some involvement with VeggieTales, while actively developing new ways to integrate faith and storytelling through series like What’s in the Bible?  Phil captured the breathtaking rise and heartbreaking fall of Big Idea Productions in the book Me, Myself & Bob.

Phil lives with his wife Lisa (aka Junior Asparagus) and their three kids in West Chicago, Illinois.

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Kaitlyn Schiess is Sr. Editor at The Holy Post, co host of the flagship Holy Post podcast, and host of Getting Schooled with Kaitlyn Schiess. She is also the author of The Ballot and the Bible: How Scripture Has Been Used and Abused in American Politics and Where We Go from Here (Brazos 2023) and The Liturgy of Politics: Spiritual Formation for the Sake of Our Neighbor (IVP, 2020). Her writing has appeared in Christianity Today, The New York Times, Christ and Pop Culture, RELEVANT, and Sojourner. She has a Master of Theology (ThM) in Systematic Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and is currently a doctoral student in Political Theology at Duke Divinity School. She loves cooking for a crowded kitchen, reading in any spare minute she has, and teaching Sunday school to little kids.

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Esau McCaulley is Sr. Editor at The Holy Post, occasional host of the flagship Holy Post podcast, and will be the host of his own podcast later in 2024. He is also an associate professor of New Testament at Wheaton College and a regular columnist for The New York Times. His new memoir "How Far to the Promised Land", questions the narrative of exceptionalism that he, and other Black survivors, are conditioned to give when they “make it” in America. His book Reading While Black: African American Biblical Interpretation as an Exercise in Hope won numerous awards, including Christianity Today’s book of the year. Esau is an avid sports fan and lives in Wheaton, IL with his family.

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Jon Houghton is the CEO of The Holy Post. He has an MA in Theology from Fuller Seminary and previously served on Young Life staff for over 20 years, most recently as Regional Director for YL Chicagoland. Jon is passionate about serving on the bridge between orthodoxy (right thinking) and orthopraxy (right living).  Beyond that, he enjoys sitting on porches talking with people he loves. He also loves to read, exercise, l and listen to way too many NBA basketball podcasts. Jon and his wife, Annie live in Oak Park, IL with their four kids.

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Mike Stralow is the Production Manager at The Holy Post. He is a former pastor, and spent 8 years in fundraising for Christian nonprofits, including serving as the Vice President of Advancement at Jill's House. He has a BA in Biblical and Theological Studies from Wheaton College. Mike continues to be very involved at his current church, preaching occasionally, and regularly meets with dads raising children with intellectual disabilities to offer care and support. Mike and his wife, Keelia, lives in Palatine, IL with their three kids.


Seth Gorveatte is the Post-Production Editor at The Holy Post. He has a bachelor's in digital media from Spring Arbor University, where began working as a podcast editor on The Liberating Arts, and later, The Scandal of Reading. After working in Ontario for a time in video advertisement, he got the opportunity to work at the Holy Post and moved back to the States. He enjoys obscure animated movies, classic literature, and trying new hot chocolate recipes.

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Linnea Noll is the administrative assistant at the Holy Post. She graduated from Wheaton College (IL) where she studied History and German. Growing up overseas, she engaged with multiple approaches to protestant and evangelical Christianity. These experiences have made her an appreciator of scholarly and scripture-based discussions of Christianity in the real world. It is for these reasons, that she has become an avid listener of the Holy Post podcast. Linnea is so excited to be a part of the Holy Post team and enjoys knitting, reading, and traveling. 


Emily Keefer is a senior at Wheaton College studying Political Science and Urban Studies. She first started listening to the Holy Post with her family during the pandemic and is excited to be a part of the team! She is interested in issues of ethics and mass incarceration and hopes to do work in this field after she graduates in May. She is passionate about making omelettes.

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