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The Holy Post Pundits

The Holy Post exists to help people think Christianly and live faithfully in all areas of their lives. The landscape of our post-Christian culture is a complex one which is why we have assembled a team of expert pundits who share our passion for thoughtful, nuanced, and humorous commentary on the important issues of the day.


They're witty, they're wise, and they're ready to share their insights with you in exciting ways - from our flagship podcast to articles, videos, and more. 

We're thrilled to have them on board as we continue to engage with our faith in a healthy, constructive way during these times of cultural upheaval.



Katelyn Beaty

Author, Journalist, and Book Editor

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"The Holy Post speaks for people who feel discouraged and disappointed by the church but who also love the church and want to see it live more fully into its calling."

Mike_Bird__Sitting_in_Library_ (1).jpg

Michael Bird

Academic Dean New Testament at Ridley College

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"The Holy Post takes a sane space in a world of crazy culture wars."


Ryan Burge

Associate Professor of Political Science at Eastern Illinois University

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"The Holy Post provides a space for Christians to wrestle with some of the pressing questions of the day in a space that is welcoming, curious, and oftentimes hilarious."


Justin Brierley

Writer, Speaker and Broadcaster

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"As a British Christian in the UK, The Holy Post has been a companion over many years now helping me to make sense of the evangelical subculture in the USA and beyond. Skye, Phil, Christian and Katelyn don’t take themselves or the idiosyncrasies of the church too seriously. But they do take following Jesus seriously."

Mike Erre.heic

Mike Erre

Host of the Voxology Podcast, Teaching Pastor.

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Justin Giboney.jpeg

Justin Giboney

AND Campaign

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"I enjoy the combination of playfulness and thoughtfulness of The Holy Post. They have great guest interviews and they "move the needle" on cultural issues."

Derwin Gray.jpg

Derwin Gray

Founding and Lead Pastor, 
Transformation Church

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"The Holy Post is doing holy things by calling and equipping followers of Jesus to think more deeply, holistically, and more loving about what it means to live out our ancient faith in our modern world."

Carmen Imes.jpg

Carmen Imes

Associate Professor of Old Testament, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

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"I love the way the Holy Post is reaching out to experts in their field who are faithful disciples of Jesus to help navigate questions that people are asking about Christianity."

jamie ivey 6.jpeg

Jamie Ivey

Author, Speaker, and Host of The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

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"The Holy Post is a show I never miss each week. The conversations have helped me grow as a listener, learner, and follower of Jesus. I appreciate the nuance and charity the hosts and guests hold for each other."

McCaulley_Esau_01 (1).tif

Esau McCaulley

Associate Professor of N.T.

at Wheaton College 

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Scot McKnight.png

Scot McKnight

New Testament Chair,

Northern Seminary

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"The Holy Post is timely, clever, thoughtful, courageous, and fearless."

Glenn Packiam.jpg

Glenn Packiam

Lead Pastor, Rockharbor Church; Senior Fellow, Barna Group

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"The Holy Post is where insightful synthesis meets thoughtful and courageous analysis. It breaks free of the echo chambers of tribalism thinking"

Amy Peeler.jpg

Amy Peeler

Assoc. Professor of N.T. Wheaton College & Assoc. Rector, St. Mark's Episcopal Church

Kara Powell.jpeg

Kara Powell

Chief of Leadership Formation, Fuller Seminary & Executive Director, Fuller Youth Institute

Gabriel Salguero.jfif

Gabriel Salguero

National Latino Evangelical Coalition

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"I appreciate how The Holy Post helps me stay informed about important conversations happening within Christian communities"

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"Few podcasts make me both laugh and think as much as The Holy Post. It helps Christians wrestle with some of the toughest questions today, and pin down relevant and meaningful answers."

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"The Holy Post moves us beyond cliché and into a deliberative faith that resists the modern temptations of faith; nationalism, populism, and tribalism."

John Walton.jpg

John Walton

Professor of Old Testament, Emeritus, Wheaton College


Jenny Yang

External Relations Officer at United Nations
High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

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"The Holy Post leans into tough conversations without being afraid of ruffling some feathers."

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