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612: The Religious Vacuum, Politics, & the Powers with N.T. Wright

This week we’re discussing a series of articles exploring what we’re gaining and losing as fewer Americans are committed to religion and attending church. Even some non-believers are beginning to worry that the decline in religion may not be good for society, but does it also represent a new opportunity for the message of Christianity? Then, N.T. Wright is back to discuss his new book with co-author Michael Bird, “Jesus and the Powers.” While everyone knows mixing faith and politics can be dangerous, Wright says there’s also a danger when we refuse to mix them. He talks to Skye about what the Bible says on matters of church and state, and why we should defend liberal democracy despite its many problems. Also this week: Is the sun alive? And a Florida man shares the Bible at Walgreens on Easter.

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0:35 - Intro

1:21 - Show Starts

3:08 - Theme Song

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4:34 - Kaitlyn’s new show announcement!

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10:15 - Florida Man Strikes Again (with a Bible) on Easter

13:43 - Does the Sun Dream of Electric Sheep? Consciousness and the Sun.

19:43 - The Cost of the Churchgoing Bust

28:52 - How Trump Fills the Secular Void

44:19 - Is Trumpism Emptying Churches?

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54:33 - Interview

56:02 - Why Doesn’t Separation of Church and State Work?

1:14:02 - Does the Kingdom of Heaven Imply There Will Be No Government?

1:17:10 - When Should Christians Submit to Governing Authorities?

1:24:56 - The Value of Liberal Democracy 

1:30:15 - End Credits

Links Mentioned in the News Segment:

Florida Man Arrested for Hitting Manager with a Bible on Easter

The Sun’s Consciousness

Trump is Emptying Churches

How Trump Fills a Void in an Increasingly Secular America

The True Cost of the Churchgoing Bust

Other resources:

Jesus and the Powers: Christian Political Witness in an Age of Totalitarian Terror and Dysfunctional Democracies by N. T. Wright and Michael F. Bird:

Holy Post website:

Holy Post Plus:

Holy Post Merch Store:

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If you’re hoping to “win back” the country for Christianity, you’re going to have to at some point recognize and repent of the intrinsic disrespect for women that the complementarian and anti-abortion platforms so prevalent in modern American Christianity embody. Robbing women of bodily autonomy in general, telling ten-year-old girls that their bodies are inherently sinful and tempting to grown men, condemning us to have to wait until we are “dying enough” for life-saving medical care, and so much more - it all denies the humanity and image-bearing status of women. These concepts rob us of the free will gifted to all humans by God, and beyond that, of even the acknowledgment of our capacity for free will. It’s not…

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Contestando a

I was often annoyed with the "calculus" applied by Skye to say that under Roe, US abortion policy was more liberal than anyone else's. Given how easy it is for health insurance providers to write contraceptives, let alone abortion, out of their health plans, it just wasn't the case.

That annoyance was why my listening to the Holy Post has dropped off recently: too much better stuff elsewhere, even if not from a "Christian" point of view -- except for this one, I had to come back and I'm glad I did.

Twice now, I've deleted "jeremiads" that occurred to me in between those two paragraphs, just so you all know...ank (James 1.20)

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Alfred North Whitehead for more on Panpsychism. He’s also a big figure in process theology.

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If I am understanding it right, process theology has some incompatible aspects with traditional Christianity. "For both Whitehead and Hartshorne, it is an essential attribute of God to affect and be affected by temporal processes, contrary to the forms of theism that hold God to be in all respects non-temporal (eternal), unchanging (immutable), and unaffected by the world (impassible). Process theology does not deny that God is in some respects eternal (will never die), immutable (in the sense that God is unchangingly good), and impassible (in the sense that God's eternal aspect is unaffected by actuality), but it contradicts the classical view by insisting that God is in some respects temporal, mutable, and passible."

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The Vacuum episode: Kaitlyn was preaching! I loved it! She's great - such a seasoned, cogent, concise thinker!

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A few things:

Kaitlyn's new pod: Good for you on the launch of the new podcast. I love the premise. I must not be doing the podcast thing "right" because the web page interface doesn't give me a spot to "like" and "rate" anything, but I'll be glad to get your voice elsewhere. I've resisted full immersion in Apple's "utopia" too long now and it shows?

Wright: I loved that you had him on and he had lots of good things to say. I'd never realized the "utopian" angle to both the USAmerican and French systems and I think he's on to something there. Brother Tom will always be a hero for me -- in the 00s he opened the…

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do what you want and pretend ... LOL!

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I always appreciate Tom's voice and perspective. Good stuff!

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