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615: Taylor Swift’s Sacrilege & the Future of the Republican Party with Peter Wehner

Updated: May 2

Swifties are celebrating the record-breaking release of two new albums, but some conservative Christians are not happy. They’re accusing Taylor Swift of mocking Christianity and promoting witchcraft. Our resident Swiftie, Kaitlyn Schiess, explains the controversy. Then, former presidential speechwriter and contributor to The Atlantic, Pete Wehner, talks with Skye about the future of the Republican Party. Will the Trump spell ever break? Also this week—the end of America’s monoculture, and how dumb were dinosaurs?

00 - Intro

1:03 - Show Starts

2:15 - Theme Song

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4:50 - Update on Phil

6:08 - Dinosaurs—Were They Smart?

13:00 - Is Taylor Swift Mocking Christians?

15:12 - Taylor Swift’s Bohemian Mishmash

18:12 - Artistic vs Political Usage of Biblical Language

23:13 - Taylor Swift and Kids

23:23 - Children and Public Spaces

31:02 - Portrayal vs Endorsement

35:18 - Everything is a Cult Now and 20th Century Communication Technology

40:17 - What Even is Mainstream?

44:27 - Labels and the Good Samaritan

50:14 - Choice and Community

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58:13 - Interview

1:03:48 - What Radicalized the Republican Voter Base?

1:08:25 - Where There Signs 20 Years Ago That Radicalization Was Coming? 

1:11:30 - Pro-Life Republicans Changing Their Stances?

1:22:20 - What’s the Future for the GOP?

1:33:58 - End Credits

Links Mentioned in the News Segment:

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Taylor Swift’s Religious Imagery for a Spiritually Syncretic Era

Taylor Swift Mocks Christianity in Her New Album

Everything’s a Cult Now

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The Death of Politics: How to Heal Our Frayed Republic After Trump:

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Regarding the conversation about choice: Are you familiar with the Grand Inquisitor story in The Brothers Karamozov?


The discussion of using wisdom to evaluate to music choices was pertinent given the world-wide popularity of Taylor Swift.

However, it seems the supporters of Trump and the Republican Party have not employed wisdom in their choices over the past nine years.

Considering the majority of the Republican Party is white evangelicals, it seems most evangelicals are not wise, and are rather Machiavellian and cynical in their choices.

No wonder Gen-Z is using Tarot cards to divine the future.


I have a feeling Kaitlyn would have had a blast in the 80s when misreading lyrics was a favorite obsession in some circles.


In the discussion about Giboney's article about MacArthur, my complaint isn't that MacArthur (and others) are right sometimes. I agree with Skye that virtually everyone is right sometimes and wrong sometimes. My complaint is that when people highlight figures like MacArthur, who are broadly problematic for a wide variety of reasons, to show that they are sometimes right or that they agree in this one area, it gives them larger credibility. You have discussed in the past the right way to cite harmful people. Generally, my rule is that if I am citing, I avoid citing people like Vanier, John Yoder, etc, if I can find anyone else that makes a similar point. (And pretty much, you always can find…

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