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French Friday: The 14th Amendment & the Evangelical Approach to Politics

Updated: Jan 4

A number of cases are being fought in the courts right now over whether Donald Trump violated the 14th amendment and if he should be allowed on the ballot in the 2024 election. David French and Skye Jethani discuss the history of the 14th amendment, break down the current cases against Trump, and talk about the likelihood of the Supreme Court hearing the case, and what decision they might make. Then, they talk about new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, and his view on how the Bible informs his politics. Have Evangelical Republicans lost their way by focusing too much on what they think the Bible says about issues and policies, and not enough on what the Bible actually says about virtues?

0:00 - Theme Song

0:17 - History of the 14th amendment

14:00 - Current lawsuits against Trump

30:40 - Likelihood of the Supreme Court hearing the case

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47:20 - The Evangelical approach to politics

1:04:37- End Credits

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