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French Friday: Israel’s Error and College Protests

The war in Gaza has carried on for

longer than expected, and David French is starting to see parallels between Israel and the US military in the Iraq War—he thinks Israel could learn from what went wrong in Iraq. Then, David and Skye discuss the student protests and how universities are handling them—what’s civil disobedience and what’s lawlessness when it comes to protest?

0:00 - Theme Song

0:17 - Episode Starts

1:40 - America’s Mistake in Iraq

10:42 - Counter insurgency’s Importance

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17:08 - Israel’s Place on the World Stage

21:08 - What Are Israel’s Goals?

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31:30 - Are the Pro-Palestine Protests Free Speech?

43:32 - What the Administrations Are Faced With

51:08 - Gaza Protests Vs. January 6th

1:02:00 - End Credits

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Israel is Making the Same Mistake America Made in Iraq

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I've been so blessed and encouraged by the Holy Post for the last several years. It's always helpful to hear different perspectives, and I appreciated this episode. Like many other listeners, though, I was disappointed by what seemed like turning a blind eye to the catastrophic devastation, starvation, and killing of children and families in Gaza, and how it seems for at least some of these college protestors (including some Jewish students), they are taking such drastic action because they feel they are being asked to watch a genocide. I found this podcast by the Telos Group (which has also appeared on the Holy Post--appreciate all the wonderful resources you connect us to!), giving a bit different perspective on the…


As many have commented, it was disappointing to hear David French repeat the claim that the Israeli Army is the most moral in the world and that it is held to a higher standard than other army's due to anti-semitism. It may well be true that Israel's army is the most skilled at killing civilians whilst staying within the letter of the law ( Al Jazeera's article discussing this is worth a read: ), however this is not the same as moral. Mr French Esq. is at least consistent - in an "Good Faith" podcast in conversion with Curtis Chang ( he again conflated "legal" with "moral". He argued that killing thousands of civilians with carpet bombing was…


I do think that, near the end, bringing up Rowling as an example regarding the parallel of (biological) women and trans people (to Jews and Palestinians and any other groups of mistreated people who might be compared to one another) was unfortunate. She’s been acting abominably online in her approach to these issues, whatever one’s beliefs about trans issues may be.


I don’t recall the Holy Post ever saying that pacifism is the only right position. There was some discussion about both Palestinians and Jews experiencing prejudice and mistreatment.


Tru Tate
Tru Tate
May 01

I’m also noticing that the Holy Post is an Amazon associate. Hoping this is not clouding their views.

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