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French Friday: How to Thrive in a Post-Christian Culture

From Harvard Law School to The New York Times, David French has repeatedly found himself in communities where secular progressivism is the majority view, and where his Christian beliefs face suspicion, ridicule, or even hostility. Skye Jethani asks French how he's learned to not just survive in these post-Christian enclaves, but actually thrive. What mistakes did he make? How did he successfully build relationships across political and philosophical barriers? And how did closer connections with those he disagreed with strengthen his faith? French also explains why Christians who sow fear and anger toward the culture will reap fear and anger from the culture. He's made that error and says joy and curiosity are what Christian leaders need to display in the public square instead.

0:00 - Intro

1:29 - David’s childhood in rural Kentucky

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8:37 - David’s time at Harvard

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25:38 - How Christians should tolerate beliefs they disagree with

34:48 - David’s regret about being too combative

49:26 -The Power of Joy

58:49 - End Credits

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2 kommentarer

30 apr. 2023

I enjoyed this, particularly the discussion on joy. It gets me thinking about a friend of mine who is near-universally beloved because of the joy she takes in others. And spiritually speaking, the Bible says that the joy of the Lord is our strength, so it makes sense that taking delight in God would bond us closer to Him. The best way to both live our faith and also evangelise, it would seem, is to take joy in the Lord. It’s a challenge to my grumpy, weary soul!


28 apr. 2023

Thanks for the discussion about the rythm of asking forgiveness when we screw up. It is endless (the mistakes) and humbling (the asking of forgiveness), but this ritual is one thing that can seperate Christians from the broader culture. I try to practice this with my kids and wife and it is brutal, but life giving. We will mess up, but when we do, we acknowledge our mistake and sincerly ask for forgiveness.

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