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611: Trump’s Bible, Biden’s Easter, and Climate Change for Christians with Katharine Hayhoe

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The newest Holy Post team member, Esau McCaulley, joins Phil and Skye to discuss two stories that caused outrage from both ends of the political spectrum during Holy Week. Trump is selling an American flag-wrapped Bible, and the Biden administration honored “Transgender Visibility Day” on Easter. And why are Catholic Charities being attacked for helping immigrants? Then Skye talks to atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe about how her evangelical faith led her to become a climate scientist. She says combating global warming is part of our call to love our neighbors and care for the least of these. Plus, an “emerging behavior” on Twitch grabs Phil’s attention.

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Bonus Interview

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0:35 - Intro

1:54 -  Show Starts

3:45 - Theme Song

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5:02 - Esau the Hufflepuff

8:56 - News of the Butt, Twitch

14:41 - The “God Bless the USA” Bible

38:36 - Catholic Charities Targeted by Far-Right

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51:25 - Interview

54:51 - What Changed Things for Katharine Heyhoe

1:03:49 - Are Evangelicals the Stumbling Block for Stopping Climate Change?

1:25:26 - End Credits

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“God Bless the USA” Bibles

Threats to Catholic Charity Staffers

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6 comentários

Danielle Dulski
Danielle Dulski
06 de abr.

I would really love if you would add books mentioned in interviews to linked resources!!


A Bible edition for Cubs Fans? Shouldn't be it called "Blessed are Those Who Mourn"?


Mark Norman
Mark Norman
03 de abr.

You misunderstood the point of the Trump Bible. The publisher was simply making a compilation of documents he and his cult followers have never read so they can have them all in one place. It's genius.

Silliness aside, take a look at their Easter statements side by side. The contrast is striking - Say what you will but Joe is a good man. Donald is not.

Respondendo a

Someone once asked Donald something of the form "Have you ever repented or asked for forgiveness?" and his answer was a quick "no". I would be absolutely surprised if Joe wasn't going to confession regularly -- maybe to a priest who has a security clearance or this could be problematic -- but he has, for instance, publicly repented (as much as or more than any politician does) of the "crime bill" from the Clinton years, several times. And I think I've heard him speak in regret about how Anita Hill was treated during the Thomas confirmation.

By that measure alone -- that he's willing to admit that he's ever wrong, at all -- Joe is a good man, Donald is not…

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