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French Friday: Tiktok Ban & Who Should Hold the Reins of Social Media

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A recent bill to ban TikTok was passed in the House with bipartisan support. Skye talks with David French about the arguments for and against the bill, the likelihood of it passing the Senate, and why Trump claims China is America's biggest threat, and yet he still opposes the TikTok ban. Then, Skye and David break down two recent Supreme Court cases about social media content regulation. Should social media companies have complete control over what is posted on their platforms, and is it ok for the government to ask these companies to take down certain posts?

Holy Post Plus - Getting Schooled

0:00 - Theme Song

0:17 - Show Starts

1:11 - Tiktok's Security Risk

8:33 - Bipartisan Support

13:49 - Trump's 180 on Tiktok

19:27 - Will Bipartisan Agreement Last?

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27:07 - Regulating US Social Media 

41:19 -  Do Companies Have to Host Speech?

51:59 - The Monopolies

1:05:24 - The Wrap-Up

1:09:36 - End Credits

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One platform that has frequently been in the spotlight is TikTok, a social media app known for its short-form geometry dash videos. This essay explores the implications of a TikTok ban and delves into the broader question of who should regulate social media.


Managing content on social networks is important when the content is of poor quality and has content that is not suitable for young children. geometry dash subzero


I was disappointed in the framing of the "Left's" side against banning TikTok. It was kind of laughed off that TikTok could be compared to Facebook.

Facebook has already been sued for facilitating genocide. (

In addition, in this episode, it was posited that currently Twitter promotes Far Right Nationalists. If the justification for the ban of TikTok is that its owners could promote content that poses a national security threat, even though there is no evidence of them doing so, wouldn't that argument be much stronger for Twitter. It is actively doing so.

The only difference is that one is a Chinese corporation and the other is an American corporation (and the American corporation currently acts in ways that…

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