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Were Adam and Eve babies? How would they know how to get babies out?

Updated: Apr 30

Kaitlyn is joined by biblical scholar Dru Johnson this week to answer some very practical questions about Adam and Eve: were they created as babies or adults? How did they know about babies? How would Eve have even known she was pregnant? Along the way, we’ll discuss how to read confusing biblical texts, how to ask good questions of the Bible, and why Genesis is so concerned with procreation.

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The topic of the questions explored is very interesting. In-depth analysis of biblical aspects helps us understand more interesting content and connect related issues. foodle

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Related middle school girl question: “Did Eve have her period before the fall?”

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A 2nd Grade Sunday School student asked me "Mr Rick, if Jesus is God, how can he be on earth and in heaven at the same time?" Kind of blindsided me at first and then we tip-toed into talk of the Trinity. When I told her parents later, they rolled their eyes until I assured them I LOVE that kids ask these kind of questions and pointed them to

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