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French Friday: Biden's Age & MAGA's Violence

David and Skye discuss the upcoming primary election—if most people agree that Biden is too old to hold office, why hasn’t he stepped down? Would a different vice president give voters more confidence? Pastors, doctors, and politicians are routinely threatened with physical violence by MAGA—is this our fault for not standing up publicly against this behavior?


0:00 - Theme Song


0:18 - Episode Starts


0:40 - Biden’s Age


11:14 - Ezra Klein Suggests Democrats Leave Biden


21:33 - Is It Too Risky to Drop Biden?


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32:53 - Trump’s Dedicated Base


37:52 - MAGA’s Violent Threats


44:02 - Silence Permits MAGA Violence


52:33 - Republicans and Career Self-Preservation


57:12 - Local Churches Need Courage


1:06:35 - End Credits


Links Mentioned in Episode

Democrats Have a Better Option Than Biden


MAGA’s Violent Threats Are Warping Life in America

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Ryan Katelyn
Ryan Katelyn
22 апр.

I've read several articles. Nonetheless, this post makes clear and really important points. I'll check out your other postings. dinosaur game


Out of all of America we have these two...yes the bar is low. But unfortunately that is true for  nearly every least in the DC sewer. We either get the dumbest in the land or the most corrupt.   So I am not a fan of either candidate but on this podcast numerous times when you all talk about culture and politics I only hear/see the stones thrown one way (always to the right which is very telling and obvious) and the facts that most times come out later in many cultural battles (illegal immigration, Covid, BLM, J6, trans movement, etc.) are much different than what you portray or champion.   I don’t think I’ve ever heard a retraction from this…


Dale Nicholson
Dale Nicholson
07 мар.

It’s interesting that Sky and David are lamenting that those darn Democrats won’t put someone up for the Presidency beside Biden because of his age - they want the Democrats to save us all from Trump. (To their credit, they see Trump is the antithesis of Christ’s teachings and the opposite of everything Christians should want in a leader - I mean, not enough for them to support a decent God-fearing man like Biden, I mean, duh.) Meanwhile, the Republicans (Christian evangelicals) who have a very viable primary choice are voting for Trump by margins of 70 percent or more when they have the option to vote for a competent woman who was a successful governor and US Ambassador to…


It seems to me that "Biden is too old" is a racist and/or sexist dog-whistle, that a vote for Biden is really a vote for Kamala Harris and having a non-white, non-man for president is the Most Awful Thing to some people. Time to quote Bruce Cockburn's song, "Free To Be" again...


White Protestant Denominations in the South supported the Confederacy, The Klan, Jim Crow, Segregation, The Lost Cause, White Supremacy for decades. Today, white Evangelicals are responsible for Trump and MAGA. Very few white evangelical pastors speak out as most are waiting in line to bless Trump after he wins the nomination. Just don't take white evangelicals very seriously.

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