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French Friday: Alt-Right Lost Boys & Oppenheimer

The presidential campaign of Ron Desantis recently fired a young communications staffer who created and posted a video celebrating fascism. It turns out the man has a history of engagement with racist, misogynist leaders of the Alt-Right movement. David French explains why so many conservative young men are being drawn to the Alt-Right, and how they are now occupying more influential roles within the American conservative movement and the Republican Party. Then, Skye Jethani and David French discuss the new Christopher Dolan movie, Oppenheimer. Was the U.S. justified in creating and dropping the A-bomb? And what lessons does the movie have for us today?

0:00 - Theme Song

0:17 - The New Right and the recent troubles of alt-right men

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33:54 - Lessons from Oppenheimer

58:49 - End Credits

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