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French Friday - Abortions Rise & Civic Ignorance

Even pro-life critics of Donald Trump credit him with appointing three Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v Wade. But now Trump is calling further restrictions to abortion a “terrible thing.” Why are pro-life conservatives still overwhelming supporting the ex-President? David French discusses the shifting politics of the pro-life movement, the risk of aligning with Trump, and why abortions are on the rise after overturning Roe. Plus, data shows most Americans have always been ignorant about how their own government is structured and works, so why is civic ignorance now more dangerous than before? French says it’s because the civic ignorance of the citizens has now infected our government leaders as well, and these elites no longer police themselves or defend institutional norms.

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And "Fox News" was NEVER a news channel except in their title. In their charter, the are an ENTERTAINMENT channel because they KNEW that what they were peddling would NEVER pass muster with the FCC as a source of news. And anyone who thinks they were EVER a source of balance in the news didn't read (or at least, didn't internalize) the charter. Ever.

And no amount of "beatings" will fix Fox any time soon.


Ronald Reagan claimed to be selling hope but he was utterly unable to provide it. His was a direct heritage of

Barry Goldwater (only more moderate),

Nixon (only less corrupt -- Ollie North was corrupt, but Reagan didn't himself descend to doing the dirty stuff himself, so it seems)

with tax-cutting (disempower the government from doing anything good)

de-regulation (they're not "job killing" regulations, they're "life-and-health-saving regulations).

de-organization (near-all-powerful employers REQUIRE that employees organize to maintain and grow a humane work place) and unbridled militarization on the side.

Only a blind ignorance of the dark forces that enabled Reagan and that he in turn enabled (and Thatcher in the UK, Mulroney here in Canada: forces of inequality and plutocratic trends)…


Amber Powell
Amber Powell
Oct 06, 2023

David this whole episode: *surprised Pikachu face*

It's almost like abortion is healthcare and access to it is important to the majority of Americans.

And then go on to make suggestions that are what Democrats have been championing for years. Oof.


Dale Nicholson
Dale Nicholson
Oct 01, 2023

In Skye’s recent French Friday discussion with David French regarding Abortion, I was struck by how all the suggestions for compassionate ways the right-wing Republicans could persuade people their anti-abortion intentions were “loving”, all seemed to be policy programs and ideas that have been championed by democrats - More support for mothers, more aid for the poor, more healthcare, etc. It‘a a pattern I’ve seen again and again with these discussions- you’ve picked the wrong team boys and if you’re expecting these things from the GOP it’s going to be a long wait. Also, telling me about the GOP’s love affair and advocacy of ”life” while ignoring that their Christmas cards celebrating the birth of Christ show them and thei…


Matthew Dowell
Matthew Dowell
Sep 29, 2023

Skye, David, Phil or Holypost Listeners' anyone! If you're reading the comments, and are serious about non-partisan reforms, PLEASE check out and the comprehensive reforms described by "The American Anti-Corruption Act", and invite Ed Helms or someone focused and informed (ie maybe Lawrence Lessig) on the story of systemic reform efforts on your show. Is there any overlap between the evangelical community and these systemic reform advocates besides me?

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