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Episode 355: The Future of the Church with Mike Erre (Part 1)

Friend of the show, Mike Erre (aka, the bald Buckeye with a brain), celebrated the 200th episode of his show—the Vox Podcast—by inviting Skye to join him for a conversation about the future of the church in America. Will we lose tax-exempt status? Will progressive social and sexual views win? And how did the Cold War give us modern evangelicalism? Also this week, is Bill Gates flushing away his fortune by trying to reinvent the toilet? An 80-year Harvard study has finally discovered the key to happiness, but a “happiness expert” in the U.K. disagrees and says we should all stop having children. Plus, why are religious couples more sexually satisfied?

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Brandon Kelley
Brandon Kelley
22 avr. 2021

This was the most frustrating episode I have listed to for the entire career of the podcast yet. Christian should have been there for the special guest segment. Why do we care, what are we supposed to do with this info, how does it impact my christian life. I feel like the entire guest segment should have been a patreon special not the actual podcast episode.

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