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Are the Kids Alright? EPISODE 6: Tenx10 and the Importance of Relational Discipleship with Ray Chang

Updated: Jan 4

Whether you're a parent, a youth pastor, a teacher or a young person yourself, you've probably seen all of the headlines concerning Gen Z. Rates of depression and loneliness are surging, their relationship with technology is kind of troubling, and they are leaving the church in droves. We've talked about these trends a lot on the Holy Post, but we're not alone. Tenx10 is a new collaborative discipleship initiative whose mission is to make faith matter more for this younger generation. We've partnered with Tenx10 to create this series and to hear from experts in each episode about the challenges young people and those who care about them are facing. Kaitlyn sits down with Ray Chang to wrap up the series and talk about the work of Tenx10

0:00 - Theme Song

0:18 - Intro

1:05 - What is Tenx10

15:21 - Tenx10 Info - Go to for resources on how to help the younger generation care more about faith

16:37 - Relational Discipleship

28:56 - The future of the Church

44:04 - End Credits

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Relationship is the hard part for our family. My teen attended church with us from the time he was small but never really made friends there. When he graduated into the older youth group he really felt lost, he was on the outside of all of the cliques and just didn't feel like he fit in. A few years ago he stopped going altogether. I think if he'd made a friend or felt connected it would have been different. In a lot of ways it echoed my experience with church, I never really felt connected or made friends there either. Part of it is that the white, suburban churches I attended were just not a culture I have identified with.…

AandE Charb
AandE Charb

I so relate with your experience. My daughter was always on the outside of the groups at the church she grew up in. As time went on, I too felt like I didn’t fit the mold. Then we adopted a special needs daughter and our family had other crises. We are now driving 40 minutes and considering moving to be in a church that models and proclaims Jesus’ grace and truth.

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