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609: Rebounding Pastors, Shifting Evangelicals, & Rethinking Christian Media with Jon Houghton

Updated: Mar 29

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After a number of difficult years and dismal statistics, a new report from Barna says pastors are on the mend. Another book about “ex-vangelicals” has been released. Does it have anything new to add to the conversation? And a record number of Latinos in the U.S. are leaving Catholicism to become Pentecostal evangelicals. What does it mean for the future of the church? Then, Holy Post Media’s CEO, Jon Houghton, joins Skye to discuss how he’s leading the organization, why Christian media needs to change, and the new projects launching this year. Plus, Wrinkle the duck, Albert the alligator, and an "audacious scheme" with super sheep.

Genesis Explainer Video

Holy Post Plus

Getting Schooled - Macrina the Younger

0:00 - Intro

1:02 - Show Starts

2:10 - Theme Song

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5:03 - Petitions to Change News of the Butt

6:18 - Animal News, Wrinkle the Duck in a Buc-ee’s

10:16 - Animal News, Giant Blind Alligator Swims with Children

13:22 - Animal News, Montana Mountain King, the Giant Super-Sheep

20:25 - Are the Pastors Doing Better?

25:06 - The Exvangelicals

38:42 - Are New People Coming to Evangelicalism?

49:17 - Latinos Moving from Catholicism to Evangelicalism

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57:10 - Interview

59:12 - Why Did Jon Houghton Want to Join the Holy Post?

1:03:09 - Why Did We Hire Jon Houghton to Join the Holy Post?

1:10:05 - Why Are We a For-Profit Company?

1:18:37 - Directions for Projects Going Forward

1:22:36 - Kaitlyn Schiess’s New Show

1:34:49 - End Credits

Links Mentioned in the News Segment:

Duck Banned from Buc-ee’s

Albert the Alligator Swam with Children and Was Seized by Authorities

Giant Sheep Clone, Montana Mountain King

Hopeful Increase for Pastors

“Exvangelicals” Book

Latinos Flock to Evangelicalism

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I am catching up on podcasts and finally got to this one. In this episode Skye wondered where some of us landed after leaving the Evangelical church and exactly what we believe. First I will say I am a straight middle-aged white woman who left the Evangelical church long before the term exvangelical was a "thing".

I left evangelicalism during the Obama years as it was during this time that I was seeking the cracks - people who said they loved Jesus yet promoted the racist, birther conspiracy about Obama. Then don't get me started on what I saw across my SM feeds about Michelle - and all from people claiming Christ. Then top this with the vitriol towards …


As a woman in my 30’s, I spent time I could not afford thinking about why an otherwise perfectly reasonable and intelligent woman such as Kaitlyn would spend so much energy campaigning against the news of the butt. At first, I was annoyed by her suggestion that women in general don’t like that segment, but upon further reflection, I believe the fault lies at the feet of the patriarchy. Being taken seriously as a woman, an academic and a theologian is no small feat and I believe a subconscious fear of not being taken seriously lies behind her insistence that butt news should not be taken seriously. While I empathize with this, my vote is firmly in the camp of…


Andy Badi
Andy Badi

News of the butt is somewhat fun, though sometimes it seems to drag on.

Nothing on Liberty University and the final fine for their Clery Act violations?


I appreciated your recent reflections on ex-evangelicals. One of the challenges in our rural area has been finding churches that are orthodox enough to mention Jesus but that don't have a pro-Trump, anti-science, culture war approach to ministry. It seems like the mainline churches won't even mention Jesus (my Presbyterian friend's church doesn't read anything from Paul and sounds more UU than Christian) and the Jesus-loving protestant and Catholic churches preach that Trump is the most pro-life president ever, thanks be to God. Lots of us consider ourselves Christian, but can't find a church community.


Lisa Crews
Lisa Crews

Does News of the Butt bother me? No. I have 3 older brothers and grew up on a farm where we shoveled horse stalls, hunted, fished, and raised our own beef, sheep, and goats to eat. That environment doesn't produce finicky women.

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