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593: Pro-Israeli, Pro-Palestinian, Pro-Peace with Todd Deatherage

With a spike in antisemitism around the world since the October 7th attack in Israel and the horrible scenes of Palestinian suffering in Gaza, Jews in the U.S. are wrestling with what it really means to be pro-Israel. Phil and Skye are joined by Holy Post pundit Mike Erre to discuss a thought-provoking sermon by American Rabbi Sharon Brous. She asks, is it possible to support one’s own tribe without diminishing the human dignity of others? And how does this relate to Christian communities who feel “under siege” in America? Then, former State Department official, Todd Deatherage, shares about his 15-year effort to help Americans understand that the Israeli-Palestinian situation is not a zero-sum conflict. He says evangelicals need to stop viewing Israel as a “lucky rabbit’s foot,” and embrace a vision for biblical peacemaking in the region that is both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian.

Holy Post Plus Holy Post Office - When to take a Bible verse literally vs metaphorically

0:00 - Intro

1:38 - Show starts

4:46 - Theme Song

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6:46 - Rise of anti-semitism

13:42 - Oppressors or Oppressees

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53:53 - Interview Intro

1:03:19 - American Evangelical’s relationship with Israel

1:14:34 - Pro Israel and Pro-Palestine

1:35:19 - End Credits

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Bari Weiss’ speech at The Federalist Society

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Hamas is NOT the Palestinian government like Skye said. It is a terrorist organization, and it is not supported by the majority of the Palestinian people. Don't give it legitimacy.


Melanie S
Melanie S
Dec 07, 2023

Really appreciate the thoughtful discussions on this tragic situation. I was wondering why the fact that every male and female Israeli teenager is or was a soldier in the Israel military (as it is required per Israel‘s conscription) hasn’t been mentioned. Thank you again for discussing this topic on multiple of your podcasts in such a robust and helpful way!


TJ MacDougall
TJ MacDougall
Dec 02, 2023

I greatly appreciated the discussion, and thought you made some salient points. I do think it's worth emphasizing that the modern secular state called Israel is not the same as the biblical people of Israel, which is also not the same as the Jewish ethnic group, which is also not the same as the Jewish religion. These are all distinct things even though they overlap. We should be careful not to conflate them. If I can try to nuance your nuance a bit more, being against the nation state of Israel does not mean being against the Jewish people. It also does not mean being pro-hamas. It is more complicated than that.


Mark Norman
Mark Norman
Nov 30, 2023

It would be well worth your time to watch this Crash Course on the history of Israel and Palestine. John does a fantastic job of summarizing the conflict and pointing out that it is neither intractable, nor is it based primarily on religion.

During the pod, you repeatedly and correctly say that white American Christians are not now, nor have they ever been oppressed in a way that even remotely resembles the oppression of other groups in other places - NOT EVEN CLOSE. However, for some reason Skye felt it was necessary to throw the CN community a bone by saying this type of oppression was occurring in specific places like Berkley and Yale...WHAT? Did you ever hear of mass…

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