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591: The Social Gospel Strikes Back & Plodding Through Life with Drew Dyck

Striking auto union workers are quoting the Bible, progressive politicians are citing Jesus, and religious language is returning to more liberal causes. While everyone is focused on the rise of Christian nationalism on the political right, have we been ignoring a resurgence of the social gospel on the political left? Then, Drew Dyck is back to discuss his new book, “Just Show Up.” He says the evangelical culture’s focus on changing the world for God warps our vision of a faithful life, and he argues there is deep significance in committing to simple, unspectacular callings. Plus, Phil coins a term that makes it into the Washington Post. And, an alcohol company has appointed a robot as its CEO. What could possibly go wrong?

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Bonus Interview with Drew Dyck

0:00 - Intro

1:28 - Show starts

2:56 - Theme Song

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4:27 - Kaitlyn’s Other Podcast

7:27 - Christian Nashvillism

19:32 - AI CEO

26:42 - Modern Day Social Gospel

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52:30 - Interview Intro

Drew Dyck

55:22 - The problem of trying to do great things for God

1:07:52 - Finding Your Identity

1:21:52 - Living a quiet faithful life

1:25:23 - End Credits

Links mentioned in news segment:

There’s another Christian movement that’s changing our politics. It has nothing to do with whiteness or nationalism

Why a bucolic Tennessee suburb is a hotbed of ‘Christian Nashville-ism’

Polish alc-bev firm Dictador hires AI CEO to lead its ops

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Just Show Up: How Small Acts of Faithfulness Change Everything (A Guide for Exhausted Christians)

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I'm really getting put off by the other hosts (mainly Phil) constantly commenting on Kaitlyn's age & her appearance. These tropes are as old as time & are generally used to discredit women & aren't funny like Phil likes to think they are. Time to stop.


Mark Norman
Mark Norman
Nov 17, 2023

It's always interesting to hear the cast repeat over and over the statistics about the black church having greater knowledge and understanding of the Bible, acting as the hands and feet of Jesus to marginalized communities, continuing to attend church and identify as Christians while the white church shrivels and dies...and consistently voting for Democrats. Maybe, instead of trying to explain this away as an aberration, you should connect the dots and follow their example, because they're clearly onto something.

Skye is always quick to say "both sides" use and abuse the Word to further their politics. In this episode, he gives the example of the Dems 'helping the poor' as an issue they're using the Bible to promote. Well,…

Replying to

This, this, this. There are conservatives who are against the current catastrophe that the GOP has become (David French, The Dispatch, The Bulwark, The Lincoln Project), but they don't seem to be the kind in or running for office right now. And generally speaking, while there are some extreme outliers, the Democrats who are in or running for office are fairly moderate, especially compared to the stereotypes they are painted as. Yes, there are problems with people "on both sides," but the few "radical" types in the Democratic party (who just aren't getting tons of votes) do not compare with the massive craziness and outright viciousness of the current GOP. I wish the sane Republicans could take back their pa…


It is a year old or so, but I would enjoy Kaitlyn interviewing Mark Noll about his most recent book on this history of the use of the Bible in the US (America's Book). I think that Kaitlyn is right that there is a history to the use of the Bible for social and ethical implications across the political spectrum but also looking at that history can help us understand the better and less good uses today.

Also I would love to see someone write a history of the use of civil religious discourse over the 20th century. From my perspective it was mostly mainline to liberal or progressives that thought that Christian civil region was a good thing…


TJ MacDougall
TJ MacDougall
Nov 15, 2023

AI is not unbiased. This is a fallacy. It is as biased as the data used to train it.

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