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586: What We Get Wrong About Heaven (Hint: Almost Everything) with Skye Jethani

Skye’s new book “What If Jesus Was Serious About Heaven?” Is here! Kaitlyn interviews him about the book, why popular Christian beliefs about heaven are so often unbiblical, and how heaven can become an idol that replaces Jesus as the center of our faith. Also this week: Reactions to the war that’s erupted in Israel. How will the End Times industry spin this unprecedented attack? Phil returns from Nashville with insights about why evangelicals are bad at comedy but good at anger. Kaitlyn learns what a “hutchmoot” is. And the Holy Post (producer) has a baby!

Holy Post Plus:

Getting Schooled - Taylor Swift 101

Why I’m Still a Christian Bonus Episode with Philip Yancey

0:00 - Intro

0.51 - Show starts

1:57 - Theme Song

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3:33 - Israel at War with Hammas

14:42 - Why aren’t Christians funny?

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44:05 - Interview Intro

45:58 - Why Heaven and what we get wrong about it

55:47 - The Kingdom of Heaven

1:02:57 - Dangers of escapist mentality

1:21:33 - End Credits

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