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582: The Rise and Fall of New Atheism with Justin Brierley

If you live in a part of the country that was originally settled by Puritans or Quakers you will probably live a lot longer than if you live in a region colonized by the Scots, the Irish, or that was dominated by slavery. A new article explores why this is true, and we discuss how immigration patterns from 200 years ago even impacts how we read the Bible. UK broadcast, speaker, and host of the Unbelievable? Podcast, Justin Brierley, is back to discuss his new book, “The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God.” In it he documents how the same political divisions and culture war issues that are dividing the church have also ruptured the New Atheism movement, and how that’s leading more academics and intellectuals to reconsider the claims of Christianity. Also this week—the internet prevents dementia, and what books can we still burn in Denmark?

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Christian Asks - How to make sense of God’s wrath and anger

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3:41 - Older adults should use the internet?

10:03 - Denmark bans burning religious texts

18:36 - America’s Surprising Partisan Divide on Life Expectancy

45:06 - “Why I’m Still a Christian” trailer

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50:18 - Interview Intro

Justin Brierley

53:48 - The Rise of New Atheism

58:33 - The Fall of New Atheism (Elevator Gate)

1:09:09 - Surprising Allies

1:28:44 - End Credits

Links mentioned in news segment:

Older adults who regularly use the internet have half the risk of dementia compared to non-regular users

Denmark to Ban Public Burning of the Bible and Quran

America’s Surprising Partisan Divide on Life Expectancy

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The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God: Why New Atheism Grew Old and Secular Thinkers Are Considering Christianity Again by Justin Brierley

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8 комментариев

Evans Lucas
Evans Lucas
13 мая

I had a wonderful conversation with Justin Brierley. His combination of emotional intelligence, academic rigor, and sound reasoning is something that I admire and respect very much. geometry dash wave


Kim Hsu
Kim Hsu
20 сент. 2023 г.

When I heard about the research that people in the South have shorter life expectancies than their peers in other regions of the country, my first thought was that this could probably be explained by the popularity of fried chicken and sweet tea. 😆 But seriously, did anyone factor in diet in these studies? I read an article on it and don't remember seeing anything about that.


As well, the idea that some atheists are finding common cause with some Christians because they stand against “woke” stuff… how is this a good thing? Or did I misunderstand that part of the interview?


I’m honestly wondering why Jordan Peterson was discussed in the interview without any reference to the toxic issues that he’s connected to.


Great interview with Justin Brierley. I really appreciate his blend of emotional intelligence with scholarship and strong reasoning. I even think one of his points could be applied to some of your assumptions revealed in the ”news” segment. I found myself quite frustrated with your coverage of the Danish law against desecrating holy books. As a cross-cultural worker who has spent his life serving Muslim peoples, I’ve seen firsthand the pain, disbelief and sense of attack on the core of their identity that normal Muslims experience every time someone in the West burns a Qur’an. They experience this as what we would call a hate crime, no less abhorrent than the KKK burning crosses in front of the homes of…

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