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581: How Evangelicalism Lost Its Way with Russell Moore

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

A prominent conservative Calvinist has denounced white Christian Nationalism as heretical and racist, but the movement is still gaining popularity within theologically Reformed circles. How deep is this divide among the anti-woke theobros? New data says the massive rise in loneliness and depression is linked to the rise in singleness, and that marriage remains the best predictor of happiness. Then, Russell Moore is back to discuss his new book, “Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America.” He explains how evangelical churches form people to value authoritarian leadership, why evangelicalism’s response to market forces is a great strength and its fatal weakness, and how the fear that drives so many evangelicals is a betrayal of the faith. Plus, cows in cars getting caught.

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Bonus Interview with Russell Moore

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5:29 - Shotgun Riding Bull

12:28 - Owen Strachan calls out white nationalist theobros

33:33 - New report says marriage makes you happier

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Russell Moore

49:46 - Market Driven Christianity

55:57 - Authoritarianism

1:08:08 - Fear Driven Evangelicalism

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Links mentioned in news segment:

Norfolk police pull over man with bull riding shotgun

Calvinist activist warns that white nationalism is invading Reformed churches

The best predictor of happiness in America? Marriage

Stop Swiping. Start Settling.

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Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America by Russell Moore

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44 comentarios

Brad Cowie
Brad Cowie
29 sept 2023

Re: Owen Strachan’s view of racism, women and natural law. This is not my tribe, but if I understand it correctly there is a distinction between root and rationale for a position. The rationale may be natural law (why does Scripture say this?), but the root is Scripture itself (which remains authoritative even if we can’t offer a rationale).

The difference between racism and complementarianism is that there is no Scriptural backing for racism in the NT, but there are verses in the NT that at least appear to teach male authority and limit women’s teaching role (along with others that do teach equality). That’s why the two positions (anti racism and complementarianism) are not immediately contradictory.

Obviously a lot…

Me gusta

17 sept 2023

I was really disheartened by the discussion regarding marriage in this episode. I think for a lot of single Christians, this topic is very sensitive and is probably one of the hardest faith journeys to go through, if you don’t feel ‘called’ to singleness (I think it’s VERY rare to find people that are actually called to this) and instead like me, have prayed, fasted, etc for a spouse for 10, 15, 20+ years with no answer in sight. The vibe from the whole conversation came across as if a single person isn’t married, they are probably too picky or have too much choice or otherwise it’s likely their fault they’re in this situation. I think this is a very…

Me gusta
20 sept 2023
Contestando a

Same. I would really like them to invite HP Pundit Katelyn Beaty on to talk about the article she wrote recently in CT, in response to the frankly bizarre piece that CT also ran recently by Lyman Stone, which low-key claimed that singleness was sinful. I wish we didn't have to keep pushing back against this. It's so tiring.

Me gusta

Holy Post
Holy Post
13 sept 2023

Hey all! We know there has been much discussion around Russell Moore's Episcopalian comment. We totally understand the need for some clarity on that portion of the interview! Here are a few thoughts:

1. No, we don't think Episcopalians are non-Christians!

2. We don't completely agree with any guest we have on, we don't even completely agree with each other! We are thoughtful about choosing our guests but that doesn't mean that all opinions expressed by guests on the show automatically reflect the views of the hosts.

3. Having said that we do agree with Russel on many things. We don't want to speak for Russell, but our guess is he would have a far more hospitable and nuanced answer…

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thank you

Me gusta

I’m an Episcopalian too. I was dismayed when I heard the swipe by Russell. Please read my longer comment above.

Me gusta

Hello, dedicated gen z listener here! As a celibate gay Christian, I am acutely aware that marriage predicts happiness. Marriage (at least for churchgoers) pushes people into not only a beautiful unit of committed unity, but also into established structures of church community. Post-college “Singles” however, are defined by what they lack and left out of family-centric church communities. Any thoughts on how churches can actually support those of us who are single for better and for worse?

Me gusta
Contestando a

I would desperately love the HP folks to interview someone, anyone, on the LGBTQ spectrum, and talk about LGBTQ matters. There are Christians and non-Christians, folks who approach sexuality in myriad ways, but I don't think they've ever interviewed any of us from the LGBTQ community (gay here, and depending on definitions, also celibate (I consider myself such)). They've not even mentioned Flamy Grant at all , which is surprising, since ... well this:

Me gusta
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