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573: The Supreme Court Rules on Affirmative Action, Discrimination, & Free Speech

The Supreme Court has released two highly anticipated and controversial rulings about race, sexual identity, and discrimination. First, colleges and universities may no longer give preferential status to applicants based on their race. Is the end of affirmative action really the catastrophe some are claiming? And a web designer will not be required by law to create websites for same-sex weddings. Is this ruling a defeat for LGBT rights, or a victory for free speech? And why has the reporting about both of these cases been so misleading? Also this week, a new government super-computer will determine whether we should geo-engineer the atmosphere to block out the sun. What could possibly go wrong? And Phil blows things up in rural Michigan.

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5:50 - 4th of July Recap

10:25 - Supercomputer to determine whether to block the Sun

19:08 - Correction from last week

22:00 - Affirmative Action

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45:40 - 303 Creative Supreme Court Decision

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