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500th Episode Extravaganza!

The gang’s all here! Phil, Skye, Christian, & Kaitlyn are all in the studio for the first time ever to record this very special episode of the Holy Post. They retell the show’s origin story dating all the way to Phil’s talkshow dreams in the 1980s, how that accidentally gave rise to VeggieTales, why Skye got roped into the scheme, how Christian went from TV producer to podcast co-host, and how Kaitlyn is leveraging her new Holy Post notoriety.

The crew then countdown the Top 10 stories of the last 10 years, and speculate about what the future holds for faith in America. Featuring original songs by Phil, voice messages from the audience, and a mythological Inuit knife, this is an episode for the ages!

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Episode 500 merch:

Special thanks to: Waylon Klix, creator of brick characters included on episode 500 art card and in the video; Ellie Kleinsasser, creator of episode 500 merch design; and all our Patreon supporters who submitted voice messages! (For time’s sake, we couldn’t include all the voice messages we received, but we loved listening to every one that came in.)

0:00 - Intro song

00:42 - Voice messages: Shelby, Jared, Edgar

02:31 - Holy Post origin story

23:33 - News of the Butt

28:26 - Voice messages: JT, Jere

29:50 - Sponsor - Abide

31:01 - Announcements

32:47 - Voice messages: Quinn, David

34:23 - 10 stories from 10 years, part 1

“Facts Are Our Friends: Why Sharing Fake News Makes Us Look Stupid and Harms Our Witness” (Ed Stetzer) -

52:20 - Voice messages: Michael, Catherine, Sarah, Ethan

55:21 - Sponsor - Faithful Counseling

56:31 - 10 stories from 10 years, part 2

“Justice” video (Bible Project) -

“Struggling with Evangelicalism” book (Dan Stringer) -

1:15:20 - “Crazy” song

1:17:20 - Looking ahead

1:27:59 - Voice messages: Raphael, Rick, Laura, Denise

1:31:01 - End

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Rosie Williams
Rosie Williams
Apr 28, 2022

Do you have a facebook page for the Holypost? I saw a video with some untruths and I would like to address the man who did the video.

Phil Vischer
Phil Vischer
Apr 28, 2022
Replying to

If it was a Holy Post video, I'm probably the man who made it. So... address away!


Doug Felton
Doug Felton
Mar 21, 2022

Fun episode. You all have really challenged my thinking in so many ways which, by the way, led to me being fired as a pastor. But no worries, God's taken care of me. Keep it up! I look forward to more from the gang.


Thank you for your faithful ministry! If you are looking for a positive story to highlight I’d recommend what Andy Stanley said to the GA Assembly when he was chaplain for a day. Powerful leadership that I think you will find encouraging.


Love the Holy Post! Thank you for the free Ebook! One problem: the code isn't working on the IVP site. Help!


A comment on the quiz: 4-20 is pot day; Earth Day is 4-22.

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