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Episode 493: Fundy Fashion & Native American Christianity with Matthew Milliner

A new study finds evangelicals see most things in society in categories of good and evil while nonbelievers see more nuance. Phil, Skye, and Kaitlyn discuss the implications. Bob Jones University has a fashion design department. What could possibly go wrong? Pretty much everything, when a student discovered his androgynous Jesus coat, was a fundamentalist fashion faux pas.

Then, art historian Matthew Milliner talks about his new book “The Everlasting People: G.K. Chesterton and the First Nations.” Milliner explains the arrogance and injustice of progressivism, and the surprising story of Christianity among indigenous North Americans that rarely gets told. Plus, 100 monkeys on a truck and drunks on a plane.

News Segment

Sponsor 51:40 - This episode is sponsored by Abide:

Interview with Matthew Milliner “The Everlasting People: G.K. Chesterton and the First Nations” -

52:44 - Interview Start/Intro 54:45 - Why this book? 1:01:27 - Chesterton’s worldview 1:08:00 - Progressivism then and now 1:15:08 - Christianity in native cultures 1:22:18 - Indigenous symbols 1:30:29 - End

Other resources mentioned: “Orthodoxy” by G.K. Chesterton -

“Dream Catchers” by Philip Jenkins -

“One Church, Many Tribes” by Richard Twiss -

“Mixed Blessings” edited by Tolly Bradford & Chelsea Horton -

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You guys should have Bono on the podcast

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Or weird al


Q: What shall I do with my white privilege? Brother Cornell: Deploy it. Next question please...

Love it. Just love it.


Katelyn ... your stream of words at about 32:00 could have been condensed into Mark Heard's song "Everybody Loves a Holy War".


Feb 01, 2022

I'm here to offer support for team Kaitlyn and Christian! I love the podcast and would feel so much more comfortable recommending it to others if I didn't need to add the "News of the Butt" disclaimer to every recommendation. Maybe you could swap it out for something sciency that isn't quite so crass?

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