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620: Applying the 7 Deadly Sins in a Secular Age with Elizabeth Oldfield

Lord Acton famously said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Was he right? Mike Erre is back to discuss the way Christians think about power, and why he believes our pursuit of power over the world is not the way of Jesus. Then, author Elizabeth Oldfield talks with Kaitlyn about her new book, “Fully Alive,” which uses the Seven Deadly Sins as a bridge for introducing secular people to the wisdom of Christianity. Also this week—the verdict in the Trump trail, a very unique fossil museum opens in Arizona, and Phil creates a fun new game for Christians called “Is It Persecution?”

0:00 - Intro

2:09 - Show Starts

4:15 - Theme Song

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7:09 - Wearing Cicadas

9:13 - News of the Pooseum

13:11 - New Game: Am I Being Persecuted?

18:55 - Donald Trump Martyr Complex

29:15 - Mike on Politically-Driven Spiritual-Malformation

34:13 - Fitch and The Ontologically-Rooted Corruption of Power

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54:55- Interview

56:26 - Elizabeth Oldfield’s Faith Background

1:00:39 - Writing with a Secular Audience in Mind

1:03:48 - What Radicalized the Republican Voter Base?

1:12:13 - PLM Syndrome

1:18:53 - Attention vs. The Deadly Sin of Sloth

1:24:17 - Why Save God for the End of the Book?

1:29:39 - End Credits

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Reckoning with Power: Why the Church Fails When It’s on the Wrong Side of Power by David Fitch:



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Fully Alive: Tending to the Soul in Turbulent Times by Elizabeth Oldfield:

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Jonathan D'Elia
Jonathan D'Elia
3 days ago

I love the concept of Jesus's teaching of turning the other cheek as the resistance to the "fight or flight" instinct in us all.


I'm with Skye on the power discussion. I don't think all "power over" is bad. I think we will always find ourselves in positions of power over others whether we want to or not. (We might not even realize it). The important thing to think about is the responsibility that goes along with this. I think this is often missing from the discussion. For example, if I am a supervisor in my workplace, I technically have power over the other employees, and this is proper for the functioning of the workplace. But it also means that I am responsible for the people under me, for their safety and well-being.


I don't think definition of persecution should be something that no other religion would experience. That doesn't seem quite right.


Regarding the discussion of whether it is right for Christians to seek "earthly power" I have to go with Mike Erre on this one. Mike posits that earthly power (political power?) is not the type of power that Christ pursued or encouraged his followers to pursue, and that things can and often do go askew when anyone but Christ feels entitled to wield earthly power no matter how pure the initial intentions - that was my takeaway anyway. Skye says that he can't go along with this thought because then Christians would not want to be politicians or police officers and we need Christian people in these roles. In my opinion Skye doesn't have this exactly right. Politicians are supposed…


Here's the link for the Pooseum in Arizona:

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