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605: Market-Driven Christianity & Abortion Beyond Politics with Angela Weszely

Updated: Mar 29

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A new book argues that the rise and decline of the Contemporary Christian Music industry helps explain the political idolatry of many Christians, and Karen Swallow Prior says the biblical manhood industry is a scam. These stories lead Phil, Skye, and Kaitlyn to discuss whether American evangelicalism is defined more by consumer markets than by theology. Angie Weszely, the CEO of ProGrace, is back to talk about how the church can actually create a culture of life after the overturning of Roe. She says we need to stop seeing abortion as primarily a political and legal issue, and instead recognize that it’s also a pastoral, practical, and emotional one. Also this week, why does Tucker love Russia? And Trumpers ’n sneakers.

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1:10 - Intro

2:53 - Show Starts

3:49 - Theme Song

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5:29 - Skye’s Theory on Tucker Carlson

10:06 - Trump’s Snazzy Gold Sneakers

13:09 - CCM as a Reflection of American Christianity

43:49 - Biblical Manhood Industrial

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57:10 - Interview

59:25 - Why “Should it be Legal” Isn’t Enough

1:07:58 - Ending vs. Banning Abortion

1:12:57 - Communicating without Shaming

1:19:04 - The Power of Grace

1:29:32 - End Credits

Links mentioned in news segment:

How Contemporary Christian Music Explains American Christianity

The ‘Biblical Manhood’ Industry is a Scam


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Two comments: during the discussion of the Christian Commercial Context -- I was so stunned that Skye, having spent X podcasts talking about Jesus and John Wayne with Kristen Kobes Du Mez, spoke about the Evangelical World being united by commercial ties more than any other with apparent absolute amnesia that this characterization of links among Evangelicals was one of KKDM's key theses. Am I weird to have retained that memory in my mind for longer than six months? I wouldn't have thought so. I think Kaitlyn may have mentioned the link in the next few moments but I was so stunned I didn't hear it. C'mon, man, Skye... part of full egalitarianism is appropriate attribution when the subject comes…


Matt McGee
Matt McGee
28 thg 2

Love the CCM segment! Brings back fond memories... My first concert was PFR. Funny story - the Newsboys song "Shine" was on the radio and I saw that PFR also had a song named Shine. I got them confused and spent the whole concert waiting for PFR to play the Newsboys' "Shine". I went on to become a big PFR fan!


Phil Leslie
Phil Leslie
24 thg 2

Phil, I'm ashamed of you! The "God Gave Rock and Roll to You" lyric FIRST arrived from the mainstream 60s rock band, #Argent and covered to some extent by #Petra and #KISS. (See Also, I think the Christian music industry started to shift to a new paradigm came when Billboard Magazine introduced "SoundScan" to the "mom & pop" Christian bookstore owners to begin reporting the sale of Christian music to a national sales chart... See

Phil Vischer
Phil Vischer
26 thg 2
Phản hồi lại

What?? Oh no! How did I not know that???


I'm in the middle of reading the "God Gave Rock and Roll to You" book and am a bit disappointed. It feels like the author is making some great pains to draw a straight line from the Temperance movement of the 1800s to Trumpism now. There seems to be a lot of dot-connecting that doesn't necessarily follow, and I'm pleased the hosts seemed to notice this. I still have some CCM from the 90s and generally enjoy a lot of it (although my tastes were closer to Daniel Amos and Steve Taylor than the popular youth group acts), so I'm not naive about the pandering. But so far the book is a reach.

Maybe a better angle to work than…


Hey Holy Post team

With sage wisdom & guidance from my spiritual director (whose church did not have success rolling out their version ...), a team of us including our Pastor & wife have led our church in a program called the BIG NINE. The context is simple ... 9 social topics that the church stumbles over (or congregation members destroy relationships over)...

Lesbian/ Gay/ Transgender? Gender X/ Same Sex Marriage/ Abortion/ Assisted Suicide (MAiD)/

Women’s Role in the Church/ Creation Care

The analogy is this ... "Jesus puts a person in your path to sojourn with and they happen to live a life that you absolutely disagree with...". You are called to love your neighbor and engage well, so…

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