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592: The Evangelical Bro Code & Debriefing America’s Border Crisis w/ Matthew Soerens & Carmen Imes

Why do so many women find Christian organizations difficult places to work? Katelyn Beaty says the “bro code” within evangelicalism is to blame. She’s back to define the different parts of bro code and why it needs to change. Then, immigration is once again a hot political debate, and it ranked as the top issue for many white evangelicals in recent elections. Last month, a group of Holy Posters visited the Southern border to see what’s really happening, meet with church leaders on both sides, as well as border agents. Skye and Kaitlyn Schiess are joined by Old Testament scholar Carman Imes and World Relief’s Matthew Soerens to debrief their trip. Also this week—dead pet psychics and air passengers horsing around.

0:00 - Intro

1:28 - Show starts

3:09 - Theme Song

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4:30 - Show resumes

6:56 - Animal News

11:20 - Flight News

15:10 - Pet Psychics

27:46 - Evangelical Bro Code

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51:30 - Holy Post Border Trip Debrief

1:29:08 - End Credits

Links mentioned in news segment:

Plane turns back to JFK after horse escapes on board

Gospel singer almost booted off Delta flight for singing new single

She Charges $550 for 90 Minutes and Has a Wait List of 7,600 People

No Woman Can Crack the Evangelical Bro Code

Other resources:

Skye’s explainer video on immigration

The Border is a Mess. What Can Christians Do To Help?

The Torah is Pro-Immigrant. Nehemiah Was Not

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Rob Allen
Rob Allen
Dec 19, 2023

The jobs you mentioned are actually going to disappear very soon. Before this latest created man made border rush I don't think most American's had a problem with letting people who have been in the country a long time stay and work.


Rob Allen
Rob Allen
Dec 19, 2023

Many of the people claiming asylum have already been living in other countries. There is no way to vet these people and we don't really know their intentions.


Sharon Hensley
Sharon Hensley
Nov 29, 2023

I was sorry to hear that none of you actually read the article about the horse so that you would have understood that the horse was hanging over a wall and eventually had to be put down. I think it would have been a slightly different discussion. As it was - it was cringy.


TJ MacDougall
TJ MacDougall
Nov 23, 2023

The whole thing about keeping an incompetent person in a position just so that he can keep getting a paycheck is super messed up. I'm still reeling from that one.

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