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559: The Nashville Shooting & Preaching to a Divided Nation with Matthew Kim & Paul Hoffman

Description: Immediately after last week’s school shooting in Nashville, opportunists used it to advance their favorite culture war narratives. Why does this happen after every tragedy, and why are we more likely to empathize with victims we identify closely with? Then, what impact will Donald Trump’s indictment have on the 2024 presidential race? Are his evangelical supporters finally ready to move on? And, can preaching really undo the damage and division caused by cable news and social media? Kaitlyn Schiess interviews the authors of “Preaching to a Divided Nation: A Seven-Step Model for Promoting Reconciliation and Unity.” Plus, Levi’s goes AI and Christian is having none of it.

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0:00 - Intro

4:09 - Theme Song

4:30 - Skye tries pickleball

7:17 - Levi’s using AI models

13:23 - Nashville school shooting

19:43 - Avoiding culture war narratives after national tragedies

32:14 - What’s to be learned from tragedies like this

45:51 - Trump’s Indictment


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53:16 - Guest Interview - Matthew Kim and Paul Hoffman

59:19 - Does preaching still have an impact on people?

1:11:10 - How to deal with difficult topics through centered and bounded sets

1:16:22 -How to discern when is the right time to bring up a controversial topic

1:27:49 - End Credits

Links mentioned in news segment:

Levi’s will test AI-generated clothing models to ‘increase diversity’

Why Phil usually waits to comment on national tragedies

Other resources:

Preaching to a Divided Nation: A Seven-Step Model for Promoting Reconciliation and Unity by Matthew Kim and Paul Hoffman

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