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Special Episode: The Movie Proposal 130 - Operation Mincemeat

0:00 - Intro

1:57 - Something Old - Josh’s: About a Boy

5:57 - Something Old - Skye’s: Patton

9:09 - Something New: Operation Mincemeat

10:32 - Josh’s Proposal

“I propose Operation Mincemeat is a good example of using fiction to tell a true story.”

16:11 - Skye’s Proposal

“This is another one of those movies that proves truth is stranger than fiction and sometimes even more compelling.”

32:12 - Something Blew - Jason’s: The Prestige TV Podcast (Barry Recaps)

34:50 - Something Blew - Josh’s: Home Before Dark

39:48 - Something Blew - Skye’s: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel & George Carlin’s American Dream

45:59 - Outro

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Skye, I appreciate your thoughtfulness and insight across your platforms.

regarding mincemeat: check the British film ‘the who never was’

same story i think. It has been a while since I saw the movie.

Replying to

Sorry: the man who never was


May 29, 2022

Oh man, speaking of WWII, you have to check out this crazy story about a possible repentence of Rudolf Hoess, the man who led Auschwitz, and the priest (of whom 12 of his brethren were killed in Auschwitz) who vistited him in a post-war prison. There is a music video and mini documentary that we just released this weekend.

(mini doc here: )

music video below...

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