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Racism Video Transcript w/Citations

"Prove it, Tomato! Prove you aren't lying to us!"

Okay, not everyone said those words, exactly. Some said, "My friend is skeptical. Can you give me your citations?" Others said, "What's the source of that one thing you said at that one point of that video you made?" Someone else even said, "My friend doesn't like to watch videos or listen to podcasts. Can you give me a transcript?"

So... sure. I can. And here it is. And it took some time to put together, because the video was based on a podcast that was based on a class my brother and I taught three years ago, and we didn't keep terribly good notes at the time. But we found everything we used. And here it is.

You're welcome.

(It's a PDF. Click away.)

Racism video citations
Download PDF • 128KB

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