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Getting Schooled - The Social Gospel 101

Kaitlyn and Skye sit down to talk all about the Social Gospel. What is it? Is it bad or good? It's the history lesson you didn't know you needed!

This episode is exclusive for Holy Post Plus subscribers, but a five minute preview is available for everyone!

Recommended Resources:

The Great Reversal: Reconciling Evangelism and Social Concern by David Moberg

A Theology for the Social Gospel by Walter Rauschenbusch

The Social Gospel in American Religion by Christopher Evans

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Learning is always good and useful, depending on what you study, the learning process itself is already very useful and gives a lot to the one who uses it. As for me, schooling is outdated now, the very model of education is outdated, and it no longer gives the same effectiveness. I've experienced this myself: it was easier to buy letters of recommendation than to write them myself, and it's not that I'm just lazy, it's that I was just not interested in writing them myself, no one could explain to me what they were for and what their function was so that I would be eager to write them myself. That's why I think that self-development is more effective…

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