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French Friday: The Trump Verdict, Flawed Heroes, & Shogun

The verdict is in and Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts in the hush money trial. Skye Jethani and David French discuss the political implications of the guilty verdict. While neither believe the verdict will have any impact on Trump’s base, David thinks it could erode support among supporters on the bubble, but Skye remains unconvinced. Then, they discuss how we should address the legacies of historical heroes who left behind complex and sometimes troubling legacies. Is it appropriate to honor and celebrate certain aspects of these figures, or should their significant flaws compel us to dismiss them entirely? Plus, Skye and David talk about their new favorite tv show, Shogun.

0:00 - Theme Song

0:18 - Episode Starts

0:47 - Trump Verdict

7:27 - Who’s Actually Energizing Their Base?

16:22 - Justice Alito and the Flag

23:08 - The Politics of Officials Flying Flags

29:47 - The Complexity of American Historical Figures

41:40 - Facing the Sins of the Fathers Through Maturity

47:06 - Shogun and Cultural Divide

1:01:10 - End Credits

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It’s curious to me that you guys didn’t connect the dots between the first part (Trump conviction) and second part (leaders with morality problems) of your podcast. Of course, Trump is no founding father, but he is a former leader with a morality problem.  I do agree with Skye’s phases of maturity analogy where a child thinks a leader can do no wrong, an adolescent thinks the leader can do no right, and a mature person is able to hold in tension the fact that people can be morally flawed and still do good things for our country.

Having a mature view of the candidates is paramount in voting for president, since both of the choices are morally flawed (as…


I'm a bit confused at how the Gaza war would erode support for Biden, at least in a contest against Trump. There's no way Trump would handle the situation better. His uncritical support for Israel was one of the main draws for Charismatic Christians.


I would like to point out that John Wesley was neither blind to nor a supporter of slavery, but believed it to be the gravest of societal evils.


You solicit feedback about shogun and trumps trial, but you offer no comment on the avalanche of feedback on the previous French Friday episode. You may ignore or respond to any feedback you wish, but I regard it silly and in bad faith to ignore everything your audience has said to you about the L take you promoted about the Israel/Palestine war in the previous episode.

Holy Post is honestly losing me these days. Between this and the main podcast, you try to garner attention from being Anti-Trump and Anti-Fundy, but the third-way-ism is getting old for me.

Honestly I’m not sure what I want from the Holy Post at this point. I’m just voicing a genuine concern/problem. I’ve been…

Jun 01
Replying to

What did he say that was unchristlike?

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