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French Friday: Putin, Pentecostals, & Christian Nationalism

During the Cold War, conservatives prided themselves for their opposition to the Soviet Union and totalitarianism and blasted those who wavered as “un-American.” In the current crisis in Ukraine, however, we have seen some conservatives defending Putin and Russia. What happened? David French tries to explain why some Republicans and evangelicals foolishly see Putin as a hero and defender of Christendom. Then he discusses his recent article about the rise of Christian Nationalism. Why is it so appealing among independent, Pentecostal churches, how is it spreading beyond those circles, and why are educated, elite Christian leaders reluctant to speak up about it?

0:00 - Intro

3:01 - Crisis in Ukraine“Burning Straw Men by the Bushel”-

Putin’s February 21 address -

31:13 - Rise of Christian nationalism

“The Seeds of Political Violence Are Being Sown in Church” -

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Kerry Luddy
Kerry Luddy
Feb 26, 2022

Excellent French Friday. I've taken a deep dive over the last year or so into researching the confluence of the "apostolic/prophetic anointing" with Christian nationalism (especially among people I know) and it hurts my head...and my heart. An international Christian women's group (200, 000 members in 171 nations) that I belonged to years ago, used to have a variety of Christian speakers at annual conferences (Joni Eareckson Tada and country music star Alan Jackson, for example) but also certain prophetic voices seemed to be there nearly every year (Dutch Sheets and Cindy Jacobs, for example). This was a group that had originally been founded to reach women with the gospel through personal testimonies. However, to my shock, I recently discovered…

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