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Episode 535: What Does the Global Church Believe About Guns? with Morgan Lee

The U.S. midterm elections were full of surprises. The Holy Post crew asks if the political side of the pro-life movement has hit a wall, and if the Republican Party is really moving on from Donald Trump. Then, new data shows a sharp rise among evangelicals who didn’t attend college and who don’t attend church identifying as Republicans. What does it mean? And a new book chronicles the rise of Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, and the rage-fueled conservative youth culture.

Then, Skye talks to Christianity Today’s Morgan Lee about what global Christian leaders think about guns and self-defense. Her reporting on the issue reveals a wide spectrum of beliefs, how our perspective may be more cultural than biblical, and why dysfunctional governments elevate the appeal of guns. Plus, no one accidentally licks a toad.

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News Segment 0:00 - Intro 4:26 - Psychedelic toads 9:24 - Midterm election debrief 22:33 - Conservative youth culture 34:01 - New data on evangelical Republicans

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Interview with Morgan Lee “Should Christians Own Guns for Self-Defense? A Global Snapshot” (Christianity Today) -

43:58 - Interview intro 47:42 - Article overview 51:38 - “God-given right to self-defense” 59:18 - Biblical basis for arguments 1:10:34 - Safe societies and effectiveness of government 1:14:42 - Credits

Links from news segment: Christian’s film, “The Girl Who Wore Freedom” -

“Please stop licking psychedelic toads, National Park Service warns” (Washington Post) -

“How America’s conservative youth youth movement grew a powerhouse on the cult of rage” (Religion News Service) -

Data from Ryan Burge on evangelical Republicans -

Holy Post website:

6 comentarios

Chris Cron
Chris Cron
23 nov 2022

Hey friends! First off, I love this podcast. My wife and I have been listening as a healing balm in a time where we have stepped out of church to rest and reorient ourselves towards the gospel. Anyway, I just listened to episode 535 and you posed a question about what we can do to reunite our country. I don’t claim to have a foolproof answer, but I do think that a good place to look would be in the realms of food and hospitality. Jesus came eating and drinking and he modeled a way for rather disparate people groups to come together around a table.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris Cron

Me gusta

Thank you for covering interesting topics and having great guest author interviews. You compared some midterm election factors in Michigan and Florida but I feel you ignored the biggest factor of all. Michigan had gone to great efforts to negate gerrymandering and the results reflected the people's true choices which turned out to be a big win for common sense Democrats. DeSantis in Florida had gerrymandered to the max, subverting any Democratic voters, then of course easily winning. Now he is being put forth as the next great Presidental hope for the Republican party. Oh, that Republicans could actually have the values of Lincoln and not have to subvert an opposition party's representation to "win" elections.

Me gusta

You owe it to your falafels to learn how to win.

Me gusta

17 nov 2022

Hey Skye,

I'm happy to see you celebrating Shenvi's interactions with CN. I wish you also celebrated his interactions with CRT... I wish you & your had the courage Shenvi shows when he interacts with CN AND CRT and not just with whatever his followers want him to interact with.

Me gusta

Mark Norman
Mark Norman
16 nov 2022

It is true that traditional news outlets with journalistic integrity report stories and events supported by reality-based facts, which also tend to align with the positions and policies adopted by Democratic politicians. However, that's very different than saying traditional media is biased in favor of the Democratic Party. It's the difference between correlation and causation.

When you see a traditional news report on the causes and effects of climate change its not because they're pushing a Democratic agenda, it's because the vast preponderance of evidence and analysis supports those conclusions. So yes, traditional news outlets are biased, but they are biased toward reality, which is their function in society.

It used to be that the Republican party was willing to…

Me gusta
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