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Episode 526: Was the Constitution Divinely Inspired? with Kaitlyn Schiess

The water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, was foreseeable and preventable. Did white evangelicalism's anti-government attitude contribute to the catastrophe? Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson has yet another take on the evangelical infatuation with Trump. Do we need any more? And a recent article by theologian Kirsten Sanders says we’ve entered a new era of evangelicalism where online influencers are shaping the movement more than pastors or institutions.

Then, Skye and Kaitlyn discuss the belief held by some American Christians that the Constitution was inspired by God. Where did this view come from? Why is it dangerous? And why is it finding new popularity today? Plus, Phil plops a headline.

News Segment 0:00 - Intro 4:54 - News of the Butt headline 6:10 - Jackson water crisis 17:52 - Another article on evangelicalism and Trump?

Sponsor 54:22 - Sponsor: Abide Get 25% off a premium Abide subscription by texting “holypost” to 22433

Getting Schooled by Kaitlyn Schiess 55:40 - Getting Schooled intro 57:57 - Divine inspiration of the Constitution - overview 1:15:24 - Dangers of holding this view 1:22:54 - Resources

Resources from Getting Schooled: “We the Fallen People” by Robert Tracy McKenzie -

“The Bible in Politics” by Richard Bauckham -

“Every Leaf, Line, and Letter” edited by Timothy Larsen -

Articles mentioned: “Jackson water crisis deepens as state deploys National Guard” -

“Trump should fill Christians with rage. How come he doesn’t?” by Michael Gerson (The Washington Post) -

“The Evangelical Question in the History of American Religion” by Kirsten Sanders (The Hedgehog Review) -

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