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Episode 525: Why Don’t Evangelicals Care About the Climate? & American Extremism w/ Bob Roberts Jr.

Historically, evangelicals have been the group of Americans most resistant to taking action against climate change. The National Association of Evangelicals hopes to change that. Phil, Christian and Skye discuss the NAE’s new report and their attempt to ground environmental care in the biblical call to love your neighbor. Will it work?

Then, the Most Interesting Evangelical in the World, Bob Roberts Jr., is back to talk about extremism. For over 20 years he has been a trailblazer in the peacemaking and international religious freedom arenas, and has studied how extremism takes root. That’s why Roberts says what’s happening in America right now is terrifying, and warns the church that remaining silent about conspiracy theories, political hate speech, and Christian Nationalism is not an option. Plus, a pumpkin regatta and tomatoes hit the road.

News Segment

00:00 - Intro 5:00 - Phil's mistakes 10:41 - Tomatoes hit the road 17:37 - Evangelicals and climate change


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Interview with Bob Roberts Jr.

Bob Roberts Jr. - Bold Love Podcast - GlocalNet - 46:37 - Bob Roberts Jr. interview intro 48:51 - Extremism in America 56:01 - Defining Christian nationalism 1:00:21 - The church's call 1:22:10 - Hope in this moment 1:26:31 - Credits

Other resources and links mentioned:

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"Dobson, Others Seek Ouster of NAE Vice President" (Christianity Today, March 2007) -

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12 thg 9, 2022

In comparing climate change views among evangelicals to the broader population, it's worth exploring how concern for climate change is a sort of substitute for religion for some who are not otherwise religious. They ask, "do you believe in global warming?" as if it were a statement of faith. Many embrace nearly meaningless policies (e.g., straw bans) to feel righteous, without making the harder choices which would matter. It is no surprise that believers with faith and hope would not need to embrace climate activism to feel they have a purpose.

I do not mean to suggest this excuses consumerism and environmental recklessness among evangelicals, or that it is the entire explanation for the lack of concern about climate change,…


First off, I don't think Holy Post has ever interviewed someone from A Rocha. It's time to get on that. They're a Christian-based environmental group that has broad evangelical participation. You'd have some great, substantive interviews.

I have a Prius, I was recycling before it was cool. I try to avoid buying single-use plastic. My my AC doesn't run often at home. I have bamboo paper towels to reduce waste. My house is going to be mainly powered by solar in the coming year. So...I say the rest of this constructively as a counterpoint to people I really like.

Anyway, one of the knocks against Christian movies is that's they're preachy, poorly made, have cardboard villains, are apocalypse-obsessed, play fast…

Lisa Crews
Lisa Crews
13 thg 9, 2022
Phản hồi lại

Agreed. I'm a Christian permaculturist who moved across the US to convert our1.3 acre suburban property into a food forest and ornamental gardens. A big mistake many people make is deciding that because individuals can't solve our environmental problems entirely (government, big business and big agro are major contributors that individuals don't have control over) they aren't going to do anything at all. Instead, we need to normalize individuals doing environmentally friendly things because it's important to not be hypocritical and to demonstrate small scale improvements that inspire the voting public to look for candidates that want to press change. These are good in depth explanations about Christian movies:

Why Christian Movies Are Bad Part 1

Why Christian Movies…


Todd Smith
Todd Smith
08 thg 9, 2022

I'm not seeing the same level of Christian Nationalism in young people as in the 50 + age group. With the help of young leaders I think we have a chance


Okay, the world has come around in a fabulous way! The Pumpkin Regatta mentioned in this episode is in my town, Tualatin, pronounced to-ALL-a-tin. I had no idea it was such a rare event, just kinda weird. Anyways, thanks for the publicity and the great show!


quoting from Bob ... studied under Chuck Craft and C. Peter Wagner ...

And after the bulk of his teaching career, Wagner hooked up with other high profile leaders to institute the "New Apostolic Reformation" which may have been mostly harmless when it started. Since his passing, it has become one of -- or at the very least, it has become undistinguishable from -- the powers behind the anti-democratic forces standing with QAnon, Michael Flynn and the MAGA insurrectionist-wannabes.

When the "wrath" from the unsaved world hits "the church", we need to remember, our own folly -- or at the very least, our failure to disavow the folly loudly -- will have been what invited it.

And Bob's remedies ...…

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