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Episode 520: Phil & Skye Answer Listener Voicemails

What’s the correct definition of “woke”? What do Christians in the global south think about sexuality and gender? Biblically, when does life begin? When was America a Christian nation?

In this special episode, Phil and Skye respond to voicemails left by Holy Post listeners. Some are serious and others are silly. Plus, additional thoughts about the conservative movement from Episode 519. And, Phil explains why he feels like a celebrity Norwegian walrus named Freya.

0:00 - Intro

Animal News 1:40 - Freya the walrus 3:43 - Dead spider claws

Voicemail Q&A 5:43 - Q&A intro 7:05 - Angie: What does "woke" even mean? 15:53 - Brandon: How to describe what the Holy Post is doing 22:51 - Crisanne: Christians in the global south on sexuality/gender 30:54 - Dave: Finding community 33:16 - Greg: What are you looking forward to? 35:33 - Josh: Wise media consumption 42:27 - JT: What buddy duo are Skye and Phil? 45:41 - Lucas: Asian Americans in evangelical leadership 51:08 - Natalia: When was America ever a Christian nation? 57:46 - Nick: Biblically, when does life begin? 1:04:07 - Terry: Jesus showing up in 2022

Wrap-up 1:10:55 - Additional thoughts on the conservative movement from episode 519 1:21:30 - Credits

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