Episode 509: The War on Winsomeness & Interfaith Cooperation with Eboo Patel

Despite the uproar over the leaked Supreme Court decision overturning Roe, it turns out 80 percent of Americans have a nuanced view of the issue. Phil, Skye, and Christian discuss responses to last week’s show and ask why are we nuanced about some moral issues and absolutist about others. Then, conservative Christians are attacking Tim Keller for his winsome, non-partisan approach to Christianity. They say winsomeness may have worked in the past, but now the culture war is so dangerous that we need a more aggressive and offensive approach. Are they right?

Skye interviews Eboo Patel, the founder and president of Interfaith America, about his new book “We Need to Build: Field Notes for Diverse Democracy.” Patel, a Muslim-American, talks about the transformative role Christianity had on his calling, why interfaith cooperation is essential, and what concerns him about the current culture of activism in America. Plus, scientists discover the Mariah Carey of jellyfish.

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News Segment

0:00 - Intro and updates

Christian’s documentary - https://thegirlwhoworefreedom.com

3:29 - News of the Butt


10:03 - Responses to last week’s show

17:03 - Nuance versus absolutism

28:55 - Tim Keller and the war on winsomeness

55:26 - Holy Post Patreon


Interview with Eboo Patel

“We Need to Build: Field Notes for Diverse Democracy” - https://amzn.to/3MquyqO

Interfaith America - https://www.interfaithamerica.org

57:30 - Eboo Patel - intro

59:20 - Background and calling

1:14:13 - Culture of activism in America

1:26:45 - Interfaith cooperation

1:31:49 - Credits

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