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Episode 506: The Pro-Life Case for Paid Family Leave with Rachel Anderson

The battle between Governor DeSantis and Disney is heating up in Florida. The culture war may be good for politicians, but why is it bad for Christians? Then, a former White House spokesperson says if Christians want to win the culture war they need to have more babies. Kaitlyn and Skye explain why that strategy contradicts the New Testament.

Phil looks at Grove City College’s anti-CRT statement and why the school’s attack on Jemar Tisby amounts to revisionist history. Then, Kaitlyn talks with Rachel Anderson from the Center for Public Justice about her advocacy for paid family leave, why the policy is proven to reduce abortions, and how it fits with Christian theology and ethics. Plus, Phil is building a big beautiful wall.

News Segment 0:00 - Intro 6:15 - DeSantis vs. Disney 25:36 - Christian babies and culture wars

38:07 - Grove City College and Jemar Tisby

Sponsor 47:57 - Faithful Counseling

Interview with Rachel Anderson Center for Public Justice: Families Valued Policy Resources: 49:08 - Interview intro 53:28 - Paid family leave policies overview 1:01:51 - Theological framework for paid family leave 1:04:25 - Defining family and its purpose 1:07:43 - Difficulties in implementing paid family leave policy in US 1:11:12 - Citizenship as a collective activity 1:16:22 - Resources

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