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Episode 506: The Pro-Life Case for Paid Family Leave with Rachel Anderson

The battle between Governor DeSantis and Disney is heating up in Florida. The culture war may be good for politicians, but why is it bad for Christians? Then, a former White House spokesperson says if Christians want to win the culture war they need to have more babies. Kaitlyn and Skye explain why that strategy contradicts the New Testament.

Phil looks at Grove City College’s anti-CRT statement and why the school’s attack on Jemar Tisby amounts to revisionist history. Then, Kaitlyn talks with Rachel Anderson from the Center for Public Justice about her advocacy for paid family leave, why the policy is proven to reduce abortions, and how it fits with Christian theology and ethics. Plus, Phil is building a big beautiful wall.

News Segment 0:00 - Intro 6:15 - DeSantis vs. Disney 25:36 - Christian babies and culture wars

Sponsor 47:57 - Faithful Counseling

Interview with Rachel Anderson Center for Public Justice: Families Valued Policy Resources: 49:08 - Interview intro 53:28 - Paid family leave policies overview 1:01:51 - Theological framework for paid family leave 1:04:25 - Defining family and its purpose 1:07:43 - Difficulties in implementing paid family leave policy in US 1:11:12 - Citizenship as a collective activity 1:16:22 - Resources

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I would be interested to know if CPJ has looked into the "Family Glitch" in the Affordable Care Act. It currently affects at least 5 million families in American and mine is one of them. I am a stay-at-home mom, and before my husband switched jobs last year to a larger company, we were able to get a tax credit to cover health insurance for both of us. Now we do not qualify because his employer technically offers "affordable" health insurance, but it only has to be affordable for him. For a spouse to be added the premiums quadruple. Even the lowest tier of coverage is a huge part of his paycheck.


I'm a Unitarian Universalist atheist and I agree with every point you make in this episode. Two things strike me: First, motivations you draw from Christian theology I attribute to being a decent human being. The second is that if there's a hard and fast political divide in this country we may be on the same side of it.


As a Canadian listening to the conversation it seems absolutely bizarre that christians would fight policy for paid parental leave! I started working/paying into ei at 14 years old and I worked all through college and up until a few days before the birth of my daughter. Having a (paid) year off with her was incredible. (Because of the type of work I do I was not eligible for any company paid leave) I am In some international moms groups on Facebook and I just cry so much every time a mom posts that she has to go back to work after only 3-6 weeks with her new baby.


I feel like news of the butt" happens every week just scattered throughout the podcast.

"But Skye, -" "But Phil, -"

It makes me laugh.

I appreciate you all. I appreciate your attitudes and how you talk to each other and how you respond to those who listen.

Keep up the good work and thank you for being one of the highlights of my week.

Praying for you!


Kay Walker
Kay Walker
29 avr. 2022

Ironically, in my experience I've found that the culture wars are exactly what is driving kids away from Christianity. I had two "Christian babies" who have left the church because of the general nastiness of the Christian right in culture and politics, and I know many others who have also walked away from the faith for the same reason. Unless the church starts practicing what Jesus preached, it seems like having more Christian babies will only lead to more ex-Christian adults.

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