Episode 464: The Four Americas & Honest Prayer with Kyle Strobel

Phil, Christian, and Skye do a deep dive into George Packer’s recent article in the Atlantic called “How America Fractured into 4 Parts.” Packer argues that Americans no longer agree on the country’s purpose, values, history, or meaning. Is he right? And how do Packer’s 4 Americas map onto the church? Then, Skye interviews Kyle Strobel about his new book, Where Prayer Becomes Real. Obviously, the book is about prayer but it’s also about something even deeper and more foundational to our faith—honesty. It’s vital for our transformation but in short supply in many churches. Plus, scientists say the earth has a pulse. Did God design the earth to destroy life every 27.5 million years? That sets the Holy Post crew down a path into theology, the problem of evil, and why ferrets are bad pets.






Where Prayer Becomes Real: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Prayer-Becomes-Real-Transforms/dp/1540900770

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