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Episode 433: Ending the War on Drugs with Bonnie Kristian

In November, seven states (both red and blue) had initiatives on their ballots to either decriminalize or legalize some drugs including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and LSD.

Every measure passed. As the U.S. continues to rapidly abandon its war on drugs, how should Christians respond? And if these addictive and dangerous substances are legalized, what happens next? Bonnie Kristian is back to talk about her recent op-ed arguing for an end to the drug war from an evangelical perspective. Also this week, another celebrity pastor has been removed from ministry causing Katelyn Beaty to ask, do we have a hot pastor problem? The crew debate why we want our church leaders to be attractive performers rather than spiritual leaders. A new study finds the U.S. is becoming more secular AND more religious at the same time. How do we bridge the divide? Plus, the Chinese pay $2 million for a Belgian pigeon.


Caitlin McHale
Caitlin McHale
Apr 24, 2021

This interview was so informative and interesting. Thank you. As the daughter of a father who attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings religiously and often had a mentee on the porch or in the car, even answering calls and going to meet with peole in the middle of the night, I think there is so much more that can be done as a public health effort through the schools as far as prevention. My father shared endless stories with my siblings and I about how drugs and alcohol affected him and others and taught us about how addiction works. I think it served as a protection for us and allowed us to reach some of our friends at school.

I only remember…


Hello y'all, I stumbled on this story, and it made me think of the racing pigeons. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts comparing them.( the money outlay, motivation, ECT ).

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