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405: Listener Mailbag, “In Trump We Trust,” & Drew Dyck’s Pandemic Picks

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The podcast crew responds to listener feedback and questions posted on like, is it ok for Christians to be concerned about the mark of the beast if we avoid nutty conspiracy theories? New research finds white evangelicals consider Donald Trump the most trustworthy source for COVID-19 news and generally distrust public health officials and journalists.

This leads Phil to explain the tactics of demagogues and why today’s evangelicals are drawn to them. Also this week, Drew Dyck is back with his latest book and media recommendations to engage while you’re sheltering at home.

Links to this week's stories:

GOP Lawmaker Opposes Coronavirus Face Masks Because They Cover ‘The Image Of God’ - HuffPost

Where Do White Evangelicals Get Their Coronavirus News? The White House - Christianity Today

Opinion | Trump Is Staking Out His Own Universe of ‘Alternative Facts’ - The New York Times

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