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Episode 388: From Culture Wars to Common Good with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove was a zealous supporter of the religious Right, but after seeing the movement up close he began to question how a faith that affirms the dignity of all people had become one of division, fear, and dehumanizing enemies.

He shares his journey and how a proper reading of the Bible will change the questions we ask. Also this week: Phil, Skye, and Christian discuss what they’ve learned a month after the Christianity Today / Christian Post / Donald Trump kerfuffle. Plus, a popular theologian defends Trump because of his “good fruit,” but are lower taxes and federal judges what Jesus meant?

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Feb 14, 2020

Y'all introducing me to Christians like Wilson-Hargrave has strengthened my faith. (And of course y'all yourselves)

I grew up being told there was this wonderful work for the Gospel out there. Then I was met with these sociological facts and evidence that a lot of the evangelistic adventure I was promised was rooted in white supremacy and politics. That discouraged me from a vocal faith, but talks like this revive it. The idea of getting back to the "real Jesus" and what the community and social action around that looks like has been exhilarating.

Most Christians around me day-to-day are conservative Trump supporters. Not saying a Trump supporter can't be a "true Christian" (whatever that means), but the ones I…

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