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624: The Debate Debacle & Our Broken Political Parties with Chris Butler & Justin Giboney

In this special episode, Kaitlyn and Skye are joined by the co-hosts of the Church Politics podcast, Justin Giboney and Chris Butler, to discuss the fallout from last week’s presidential debate. Will President Biden drop out? What does the Supreme Court’s ruling about presidential immunity mean for a possible second Trump term? And why have both political parties nominated candidates who are demonstrably incapable of fulfilling the presidential oath of office? It’s a wide-ranging conversation about the broken state of American politics and where Christians can find hope.

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1:08 - Intro

2:26 - Theme Song

2:47 - Show starts

4:35 - Recapping the Presidential Debate

10:00 - Fallout from Biden’s Debate Performance

22:00 - Our Broken Political System

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42:41 - Predictions for the rest of the election season

1:05:10 - Trump Immunity Case Ruling

1:19:00 - End Credits

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4 comentarios

han gu
han gu
3 days ago

除了价格本身,影响代写服务质量的因素还有很多。首先是写手的资质和经验。高学历、丰富经验的写手通常能够提供更高质量的论文,但他们的服务价格也会相对较高。其次是服务机构的信誉和历史。一些历史悠久、口碑良好的留学生代写 机构在质量控制和客户支持方面通常做得更好,这也是他们能够收取较高费用的原因之一。

Me gusta

7 days ago

I found myself disappointed in the both-side-isms of this episode. I'll admit, I want any other option from the Democrats than Biden. But from the Republicans, let's call Trump what he is: an anti-Christ. And I don't mean "The Antichrist", but an anti-Christ. Let's look at the simple facts:

  1. Trump has broken all of the 10 Commandments (and that's the literal commandments, not any metaphorical extensions) or bragged he could break the one he hasn't directly with immunity. Trump has also broken all of Jesus' love commandments, and not simply broken but done it was joy, pleasure, and non-repentance.

  2. A large subset of Christians who have interwoven their conservative politics and religion celebrate Trump as America's savior (they generally won't…

Me gusta

This was a pretty disappointing episode. Skye seems to have concluded that Biden can't perform the duties of office--despite the fact that he has been for the past three years, helping to get several significant pieces of bipartisan legislation passed--because during the debate Biden was hoarse and "stared off into space" (what?--he was looking at Trump, was looking at the moderators, and was looking off to the side when rolling his eyes at what Trump said). He spoke in some detail--unlike Trump, ever--about policy. But what was extremely disappointing about this Holy Post episode was the apparent lack of awareness on the part of the participants of the most recent historical examples of a president deciding not to run. What…

Me gusta

Wow. The passes given Donald Trump by Chris and Justin are very concerning to me. So he lies? And people don’t care? Trump’s first 4 yrs was disastrous to a lot of policy, we were treading water and driving up the deficit, and we were good? The Biden situation is disturbing, but I’m voting for party policy. Democracy is at stake here. Never have I agreed 100% with any candidate ever, but the Trump Platform is really scary.

Me gusta
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