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622: How Ideological Purity is Killing Churches with Ryan Burge

Updated: Jun 24

Remember when churches were seeker-sensitive? The goal was to grow by welcoming newcomers, skeptics, and non-believers. But now it seems some evangelical churches and denominations are more worried about ideological purity than outreach. Sociologist, political scientists, and pastor Ryan Burge is back to talk about the self-defeating trend toward subtraction rather than addition in the church. Also this week, the Southern Baptists decide not to ban all women pastors…yet. Megan Basham claims evangelical leaders aren’t selling out to conservative constituents, but to gain the approval of liberal elites. Death cafes open in L.A., and the Swiss are making tiny computers from brain cells. What could possibly go wrong?

0:00 - Intro

1:18 - Show Starts

3:14 - Theme Song

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5:58 - Democracy Betrays News of the Butt

6:38 - What Could Possibly Go Wrong with Swiss Brain-Computers

13:02 - SBC Law Amendment Denied Ratification

20:33 - Baptist Church Conservative Resurgence

25:03 - Being a Cultural War Symbol Rather Than a Person

30:20 - Shepherds for Sale and How Everyone Has Economic Benefit

36:37 - The Temptation to Look Down on Others

41:55 - Modern Death Cafes in Los Angeles 

44:28 - Sleeping in a Room with a Casket

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52:40 - Interview

59:56 - American Behavior Changing Faster Than Their Beliefs

1:05:43 - The Disappearance of The Christian Left

1:09:22 - Strict Churches vs Moderate Churches

1:22:10 - The Nicene Creed, Doctrine, and Dogma

1:31:53 - End Credits

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Swiss Startup Connects 16 Human Mini-Brains to Create Low Energy ‘Biocomputer’:

SBC Law Amendment Vote:

Modern Death Cafes in LA:

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Americans Dropping Out of Everything:

Most Americans are Still Christians:

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han gu
han gu

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I listened to your conversation with Ryan Burge this morning and found it very relevant to what has taken place recently in my denomination, the Christian Reformed Church.

The Synod of the Christian Reformed Church decided this past week to impose strict discipline on all those pastors, elders, deacons and congregations who have dissented to its decision in 2022 to declare that opposition to same gender relationships is required by its Confessions as a matter of faith. Some went so far as to attempt to call this a salvation issue. This is no longer just a difference in interpretation and practice, but has become a doctrinal divide determining who is acceptable in the church and who belongs in Christ.



Kansai mojo
Kansai mojo

There is definitely a wrong conflation of atheists with the left. Many atheists are either economically or socially conservative or both, and many Christians and religious folk are socially left.. all rights movements are leftist ideas. I also just wanted to point out just as anaisle, that Dawkins didn’t say there are 2 genders. Rather, he said that there are two biological sexes. He said that gender is subjective, which is true since gender is the social and cultural differences we ascribe to the sexes, rather than biological ones.Rather, he said” Dawkins also wrote: “Is trans woman a woman? Purely semantic. If you define by chromosomes, no. If by self-identification, yes.“ This means the common sense stance that biologicsl s…


TJ MacDougall
TJ MacDougall

It seems like at times you are unconsciously conflating Atheism with the Left. This is very problematic since there are many religious people who would be classed on the left, and many atheists who would be classed on the right. (Though I find the whole left/right model to be somewhat arbitrary anyway. It kinda doesn't make any sense when you think about it.)


I was surprised that the brain computer conversation never raised a morality question. I had about this development before, and my first thought when I read about it was, "Is this moral?" How do we know those brain cells aren't conscious? At one point would we consider these cells potentially alive or self-aware? Would we even know if they are, since they have been grown separate from all ability to express themselves? What if the computer one day spits out, "I an the Brain and tonight I'll do what I do every night: Try to take over the world!" or some other thought that is independent of the input it receives? I was really surprised the conversation didn't even attempt…

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