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617: Apple Crushes It & the Future of Christianity with Matthew Niermann

Updated: 4 days ago

A new iPad advertisement showing musical instruments and art supplies being crushed by a hydraulic press has triggered a backlash against Apple and provoked a wider discussion about the impact of technology on communities and creativity. Jonathan Haidt says religious kids have better mental health on average because they’re connected to incarnate congregations, and the Catholic Church disciplines an AI priest. Then, Kaitlyn talks to Matthew Niermann about the Lausanne Movement’s massive new report on global Christianity and the major trends shaping the future of the church. Also this week—beware of cicada rain!

0:00 - Intro

0:42 - Show Starts

1:54 - Theme Song

2:16 - Sponsor - Hiya Health - Go to to receive 50% off your first order

3:22 - World Relief - Visit to download your family refugee guide and learn more about the Path Community

4:13 - Catching up on learning German and the Holy Post live event

8:44 - Cicadas’ Powerful Urine

13:41- Apple Crushes Incarnation

23:58 - The Desire of Incarnation

29:01 - Jonathan Haidt and the Anxious Secular Kids

35:30 - An AI Priest is laicized

48:24 - The Church in a Hydraulic Press

55:17 - Sponsor - Fabric by Gerber Life - Join the thousands of parents who trust Fabric to protect their family. Apply today in just minutes at

56:26 - Interview

58:03 - What is The Lausanne Movement?

1:02:35 - Polycentric Christianity

1:12:27 - What Challenges and Opportunities Come with this Shift?

1:20:30 - The Question of Our Era: What Does it Mean to be Human?

1:30:35 - End Credits

Links Mentioned in the News Segment:

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Rage Against the Apple Machine

Jonathan Haidt Religion Tweet

AI ‘Priest’ Sparks More Online Backlash Than Belief

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Lausanne Movement:

Holy Post website:

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Mark Lee
Mark Lee
2 days ago

Your discussion of ‘Apple Crushes’ reminded me of the famous phrase by the economist Joseph Schumpeter’s that describes capitalism as ‘creative destruction’. A more recent economist and historian, Dierdre McClosky, prefers ‘innovism’ to what she sees as the misleading term capitalism. The cultural discussions relating to the rapidity of technological change are quite interesting. The Luddites are probably the most know example. Their complaints were not simply about technology but the way that new technologies undermined elements of the paternalistic labor economies and community cultures of the early modern period. I suspect there should be a good deal of literature that relates to these issues. Craig Gay has written about some of these issues.


One thing I gain from technology is staying in touch with people. We moved to a different Church 7 years ago after 16 years of actively serving at our former Church. All those first Grade Sunday School students I had during those years I have been able to watch grow up, get invited to weddings, get invited to graduations, and attend my former Pastor's last Sunday because of technology. So, in that respect, technology has been very helpful.

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