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588: Pointless Theology Fights & Rethinking American Poverty with Matthew Desmond

A Christian writer in Australia has a list of seven “pointless” things Christians fight about “for no good reason” including predestination, evolution, the inerrancy of the Bible, and worship. Phil presents all seven to Kaitlyn and Skye and discovers that maybe they’re not all pointless. Then, Kaitlyn interviews best-selling author and professor Matthew Desmond about his most recent book, “Poverty, by America.” He says the amount of poverty in the country is not an intractable problem but a choice. He challenges the narratives we tell ourselves about taxes, welfare, and the poor, and says the church should be more angry about what’s happening to the most vulnerable in our society. Plus, another Nebraska-man/animal news story.

Holy Post Plus:

Getting Schooled - Environmentalism 101

0:00 - Intro

1:14 - Show starts

3:53 - Theme Song

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6:09 - Animal News

12:55 - The Seven Pointless Things Christians Fight About

14:29 - Inerrancy

17:25 - Predestination

21:04 - Evolution/Age of Earth

29:27 - Politics

34:12 - Who is saved

38:42 - How We Worship

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50:28 - Interview Intro

53:27 - Why there is so much poverty in America

1:06:08 - Welfare

1:14:08 - The Spiritual Harm Done by Poverty

1:24:40 - End Credits

Links mentioned in news segment:

Nebraska man recovering after being hit by deer while bicycling with his pet parrot near Fort Kearny

"Seven Pointless Things Christians Fight About"

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Poverty by America by Matthew Desmond

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