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568: Oh, Boycotts! & What Happened to Humility? with Richard Foster & Brenda Quinn

Bud Light, Target, Kohls, Chick-Fil-A—the list of companies and brands being boycotted by Christians keeps getting longer. Now there are even calls to boycott the hit streaming series about Jesus, “The Chosen.” When are boycotts justified, when are they just performative, and is there any escape from the purity death spiral they create? Then, Skye talks to Pastor Brenda Quinn and author Richard Foster about his new book, “Learning Humility.” When did Christians decide humility was a vice rather than a virtue, and what are the ingredients necessary to cultivate it in our lives and communities? Plus, atheist street pirates!

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1:57 - Show Starts

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3:48 - Atheist Street Pirates

9:30 - Boycott Wars

36:16 - News of the Good

47:01 - Religious Freedom


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1:11:32 - Childlike humility

1:21:19 - Avoiding pride in ministry

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Links mentioned in news segment:

LA’s Atheist Street Pirates go national in efforts to remove illegal religious signs

‘The Chosen’ Defends Pride Flag Spotted On Set: ‘Let The Show Speak For Itself’

Jeremy Boreing’s Critique of His Own Website

Religious freedom was meant to protect not bludgeon. What happened?

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Learning Humility: A Year of Searching for a Vanishing Virtue by Richard Foster

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Abbie Parsons
Abbie Parsons
Jul 08, 2023

After listening closely to the recent Holy Post podcast on Humility and the guest Richard J. Foster, Learning Humility: A Year of Searching for a Vanishing Virtue (InterVarsity Press, 2022), I feel that ST Benedict deserves equal time. I noticed that The Rule of ST Benedict was never quoted and Foster did not address why he objected specifically to ST Benedict's teachings on the role of Humor in learning to live humbly with others. Therefore, I would like for author Sister Joan Chittister to be invited to a Holy Post Podcast to share what she has learned about Humility and Laughter by studying The Rule of ST Benedict.

"Humor and laughter are not necessarily the same thing. Humor permits us…


Tim Keith
Tim Keith
Jun 08, 2023

The story about the school board member included an interesting detail I was hoping you would push on. The writer chastised the school board member for bringing her faith in the public square then described the work of greater representation as "sacred." Without commenting on the underlying merits of either side in the case this disconnect seemed pretty mind blowing. "How dare you imply God is on your side in public things!!! Doing so is wrong!!! (God is on the side I like.)" Then again, don't we all do this from time to time.

Skye Jethani
Skye Jethani
Jun 09, 2023
Replying to

Of course. I didn't mean that alienation is part of Marxism, but was an observation made by Marx used to advocate for the superiority of Marxism. Alienation is one of the features of capitalism that Marxism sought to correct.


Michael Ando
Michael Ando
Jun 08, 2023

So the series about the life of Jesus "The Chosen" is sinful because there was a pride flag on the set, but having the 10 Commandments on walls in Texas schools is righteousness. I think some Christians are losing the plot of what sin and righteousness really are. Or, as someone famous once said, "How stupid do we think God is?"


As a tree-hugging, climate-change-believing progressive, I entertain myself by imagining the heads exploding in Texas, where the right-wingers need to "own the libs" by buying environmentally-friendly Teslas to support Trump-loving Elon Musk.

Go ahead, make my day!


Fun episode. Futility is the operative word for much of the activism taking place today, both Christian and secular. One quibble: While I agree that economics has helped form theology for more than a century, I think we're actually moving away from that. Cultural identity is a much bigger driver than economics today. In a lot of ways, I think that's more dangerous.

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