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567: Christian Nationalism Roundup & the Doctrine of Hell

Phil’s file of Christian Nationalism stories has gotten full, so we’re covering a number of them this week. We explore the beliefs of early Christian Nationalists from the 1920s, how modern Christian Nationalism can’t shake its racist roots, and why it’s gaining popularity with some followers of Reformed theology. Skye explains what Christian Nationalism shares in common with the Prosperity Gospel, and Kaitlyn dismantles Christian Nationalists who say their views are rooted in God’s design in nature. Then, we share one of our most popular Holy Post bonus features with everyone where Christian Taylor asks Skye about what the Bible really says, and does not say, about hell. Plus, another Christian college professor got Tisby’d.

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Christian Asks - Why isn't God's proper name, Yahweh, in our English Bibles?

0:00 - Intro

1:31 - Show Starts

4:14 - Theme Song

4:36 - Julie Moore fired by Taylor University

17:59 - Christian Nationalism’s Racist Roots

27:16 - New Review of Stephen Wolfe’s book on Christian Nationalism

36:20 - A review of Mere Christiandom

45:11 - Christian Nationalism Fascism


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58:54 - Christian Asks Intro

59:53 - What is Hell?

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1:17:08 - End Credits

Links mentioned in news segment:

Taylor professor Julie Moore cited Jemar Tisby on her syllabus. Then she lost her job.

Old-school Christian nationalism’s avatar of racism, antisemitism and conspiracies

Beware the 'Christian Prince'

A Review of Mere Christendom by Doug Wilson

Christian Nationalism Talks Religion, But Walks Fascism

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Why does Kaitlin sigh.all.the.time


Regarding Christian Nationalism, I have to say, after listening to old HP episodes, man, it's weird/interesting seeing how much things have changed both in the world, and also in your (the HP folks') understanding of political/cultural things. There's a discussion I'm still listening to (Episode 69, 9-13-2013) in which, during a discussion of what sounds like an awful book ("Christian Nation," which imagines a world in which John McCain became president and then died, Sarah Palin became president, and then the US quickly became a theocratic dictatorship), the question of whether anyone other than a small handful of kooks on the right really were promoting the US as a kind of theocracy, and everyone seemed to conclude that there wa…


Skye did it. I blame Skye. After reading all the To Hell and Back devotionals, I agree with the views Skye describes. So now find my membership at an EFCA church in jeopardy since it requires full agreement with the Statement of Faith which includes Eternal Conscious Punishment. I've let the elders know I'm in violation so we'll see what happens.


Doug Felton
Doug Felton

I am interested in Skye's view on hell, but I have one question. He says The penalty for our sins is death, meaning ultimate annihilation. However, he also says that jesus's death paid the penalty for our sins. But Jesus wasn't annihilated, so in what sense did he pay the penalty for our sins if the punishment is to be annihilated?


Dear Skye,

Thank you. We still disagree, but I very, very much appreciate your responses.

God bless, and looking forward to more of you on HP. I've read "With," and currently reading "Futureville," by the way.




Phil. I love you. Out of concern for your own well being, I really think you should avoid trying to engage the nationalistic and adjacent crowd... Especially on twitter, where love and happiness go to die. There is no way to tell if you are arguing with an 8 year old with a keyboard and copy of Doug Wilson. Maybe an another great explainer video unpacking the history of Christian nationalism would be a better use of time. I have learned from my own folly that online arguments at 1000000.3x more futile than actual face to face convos which actually can make some meaninfful headway. Your explainer vids might be the closest to that in an online medium. Keep rockin…

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